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Hey, guys. Stephanie with AmericanMuscle.com, here with the KONI Sport Adjustable Front Strut for 2015 and up S550 Mustangs. The KONI Sport Adjustable Front Strut’s gonna be for the S550 owner that’s looking for more of a performance strut that’ll work for the daily driver that sees the occasional track time. These struts are designed to improve overall handling performance under any demand and still maintain a good ride quality.

These are adjustable struts and what that means is that you can adjust the rebound dampening to make it stiffer or softer. And these are on-car adjustable so you can do this without having to take things apart. Your adjustment point’s gonna be right here at the top and the strut comes with a hardware pack that contains a knob, which is right here as well. Turning clockwise softens the dampening and counterclockwise stiffens it. The cool thing about this is if you have a street car that you wanna take to the track or the strip or autocross with, whatever it may be, you’re gonna have one setting for street driving and another for your performance driving.

Besides having adjustable dampening capabilities, these are an upgrade over the factory struts in other ways. The big difference between these struts and the factory struts is that these have a larger diameter piston in them. The larger piston will give better dampening and rebound when you compare it to the stock strut. This means better street performance. These still have the standard twin-tube gas pressure design and a steel body as well.

Now as of right now, these are the only adjustable struts for the S550 that are currently available. And normally you’d swap out your struts if they’re blown out or if you’ve lowered your car. In the case of the S550, with it still being so new, I’m gonna guess that you haven’t killed your factory ones yet. And depending on how low you’ve lowered your car, you can get away with running your factory struts for a little while, in all honesty.

If you’ve really lowered your car, though, upgrading to an adjustable strut like this is really gonna be beneficial to you. A strut with this setup is designed to work with lowered cars, so it’s gonna ride better than the factory strut will, as long as you have it adjusted properly, that is even if your stock ones aren’t blown up yet. This strut’s more capable of working better with a lowering spring. It’s better suited to work with the firmer spring rates and the lower ride height. The internals of the factory struts are not set up to take the abuse of a lowered ride height like these struts are.

When it comes to price, these are sold individually but you can expect to spend under $200 per strut. You can love it or hate it that they’re sold individually but I think it’s nice, since you’re not forced into buying a complete package. And since KONI does have adjustable shocks as well, you can upgrade the front or rear at different times or just one or the other, depending on what you want with your car. It leaves you more room to set your car up and spend your money how you want to, in my opinion.

So the install here’s not a difficult install. It’s all straightforward and you won’t need any tools out of the ordinary besides a spring compressor. You will need an assortment of different sockets and wrenches. And if you decide to tackle this yourself, you can expect to spend about an hour for each side minus playing around with the adjustment since that’ll most likely take some time and be a trial-and-error type of thing. This is a one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter.

Having a lift is really gonna make things a lot easier here but you can complete the install with a jack and stands. There are a few nuts in the top of the strut tower that will need to be removed but you can leave one loose to hold the assembly into place while you prepare the rest. You can remove that one later after you’ve removed everything else. You have to disconnect the front sway bar and move the ABS line as well. The caliper does need to be moved out of the way, as well as the rotor if you want more room. Then there’s just two nuts on the spindle and the bolts as well.

Once the factory strut is out, you need to disassemble some of it and move some items over to the new strut, like the spring, the dust boot, the bump stop, and the mount too. After removing these items, the new strut’s ready to go back in the car the same way you removed it. So reinstall the spindle with the strut, the rotor and the caliper, the end link on the sway bar, the ABS line, and the top nuts.

Wrapping things up here, the KONI Sport Adjustable Front Strut is an adjustable direct bolt-on upgraded replacement. The adjustment allows you to change your rebound settings to help your car perform how you’d want it to and ride like you want it to but without sacrificing any features or ride quality. As always, I suggest you check out more online for yourself. And for all things Mustang, keep it right here at AmericanMuscle.com.

Improves Handling Performance. Do you find the factory installed struts to be a little too soft during spirited driving excursions? Then you should upgrade your S550 Mustang’s suspension with a set of Koni Sport Adjustable Front Struts. Koni Sport Struts will improve the overall handling performance of your Mustang while maintaining good ride quality. Sport Adjustable Struts are Koni’s top-of-line performance struts that are ideal for daily driven Mustangs that see their fair share of track and autocross use. Adjustable Rebound Settings. Koni designed their Sport Struts to be on car adjustable allowing you to adjust rebound dampening with just a twist of a knob. Turn the knob clockwise and soften the dampening, turn it counter clockwise and stiffen the dampening. On car adjustability is great for fine tuning your suspension rebound to match your driving situation, whether its street, performance or track. High Quality Construction. Koni’s Sport Series Front Struts are a performance upgrade that feature a steel bodied, gas pressurized twin tube design with a larger-diameter piston for optimum street performance. Koni Struts are completed in a classic yellow finish with the world-famous KONI logo for corrosion resistance and good looks. Application. This Koni Sport Adjustable Front Strut is designed for use on 2015 to 2018 Ford Mustangs, including the V6, EcoBoost and GT models. Does not fit Shelby GT350 or models equipped with MagneRide. Sold individually.