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Firstly Kyrona I would like to thank you so much for the Divine Blueprint journey, as a trained astrologer I got it and the galactic shamanic journeys were just Wow, ambrosia for the soul. I have always felt a soul connection with the planets and stars, and your techniques make this so much clearer to me, enabling me to access so much more wisdom from the planets. I particularly loved seeing the objects in each planet, and meeting the BEings (Chiron is very handsome!) and I love working with the orbs. I actually got a huge amount out of working with Chiron, as in traditional astrology they don’t teach too much about him. The description of the core wounding (Chiron in Aries) was so accurate, I know once that is fully healed there is nothing in this world I can’t do. I have done a lot of training in energy work, however your techniques all seem so natural to me, and very close to my heart. Recently I decided that sound healing would be the next direction for me, and recording my spiritual songs, and then I found your Light Language and it just transcends everything. It reminds me of a time and place that I miss very much. Whenever I think about learning Light Language I get shivers and goosebumps. There is nothing I would love more & this is why I am going to enter your Celestial Resonance Initiation & Activation Workshop! I know my career is going through a very deep transformation. I feel this is a big part of it. I absolutely love your workshops, MILAs, transmissions, and would like to go right through to DBP practitioner, as it would go so well with the energy healing and astrology that I do with clients. Feeling very happy and grateful…..

Thank you for your touch and light for the healing, sounds and love and joy felt so clearly in the beautiful reading and soul song that you have done for me. It’s taken such a long time for me to send you a message in written words, but you have often been in my thoughts, especially as I sense a movement of change or beauty & clarity in myself as I go through my day & of course each time I listen to my soul song again – in these moments I send you much love and gratitude and hope you feel my joy, honor and love for you, touch you lightly on your shoulder and in your heart. Thank you so much you have moved my world and being…. You inspire me in so many many ways, I could go on and on….. I am So happy to have found you, you can’t imagine! It feels like suddenly I have answers to so many questions and feelings and all in the one person – you are such a gift Kyrona, I feel truly blessed and guided to have connected with you, thank you from the depth of my heart. With much love, joy and enormous thank you’s xxx

Kyrona, I have only been going to your website for a couple weeks maybe three. I started by reading your awesome article, and then trying the free tools you have there. I thought it was amazing, and still my human self was reluctant to open my heart all the way , to let go and be carried away to pure love. Today I ordered and downloaded your “ Chakra clearing & meditation process", Embody your soul Magnificence Transmission and The Violet Flame for Karmic Release Transmission. I have tried many chakra clearings and meditations and they did relax me and help me to connect to source. But today, I was in tears, after listening to them. My energy was so clear and for a better lack of words BIG and I saw the world so much clearer and I saw people so much more then I ever have. I felt the love from heaven (celestial) I felt the most beautiful love I have ever felt and I felt the Devine touch my head. I was in the company of the most purest and most beautiful love I have ever felt in this life.I studied many paths, in search of well My soul and my pure heart. Today, I broke through and found them, I found that missing piece or pieces . Today was astounding and filled me with love. That is a gift you helped my to get. You are beautiful, and I see why you were blessed with the gifts you have. Thank you , Thank You, Thank you. Those who are drawn to you know and they are blessed from heaven to be able to receive such wonderful guidance and gifts. I thank God (source) that I was so blessed. With all of my over flowing, Love. Colleen." Colleen Gary,Wisconsin, USA

Hey Ky, A HUGE thank you to you for the last two transmissions — Venus and 8.8. Today was completely different to the Venus Transit Session. Physically I was a bit under the weather. I wanted to sit as I always meditate like this, but felt I had to lay down and receive a healing. After you ‘arrived’ I felt there was some sort of confusion; I then ‘saw’ you being instructed by two beings (your teachers or those in charge of this particular healing) to go to a certain position and they in another position. Everything was then in order. I felt/saw you and the two other beings going back in my time loop to sort out a blockage (in Egyptian times I think). This blockage was shown to me as a grey knot, and it was indicated that this is where the problem is (that it was this that was affecting my life today). Later on I recall being shown a huge very powerful crystal skull which I felt was representative of the energy coming through (I have worked with this energy before). I had a sleep and woke up promptly at the end of the session. When I opened my eyes the prana in the air was abundant. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. It was really beautiful. Lots of love, blessings and galactic energy xxx00

Dearest Kyrona ,the energy I experienced on the Venus Transit Ceremony was so intense and amazing , I really felt the shifting and changing of energy between my left and right brain/body, masculine and feminine! I found that my left felt quiet weak and my hand and a touch nauseous – but all returned to normal later. I have aching in the body and my movements seem to be slow also off balance and dizzy lol, but I trust as you have said that this will pass as I adjust. I feel an amazing change in my energy since the first healing you did for me that left me feeling like I just wanted to go go go wooo! What I discovered today was that I am getting information or a thought about something and that day or the next this will come to pass and I think wow I had that thought and now it’s happened, not thinking it was new things happening for me. I am going to do the June Celestial Attunement tonight , and I am looking forward to the next phase of my Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing next week, love and light Beulah PS you are amazing and do amazing work, I want to do that too!