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I understand what you are going through. I am 28 years old and I have had 4 back surgerys the first was when gas 47 cents I was 16. At that time I didn’t have a choice I had to have the surgery because we had already put it off for 2 years. The first surgery was just a fusion in the same location that your having trouble in. The doctor just fused the bone and that was it. Well the fusion broke and I had to have another surgery when I was 20. This time the doctor put rods and screws in my back and the pain was still there well it turns out that the next level above my fusion the ligamite in the disk had broke so we had to do it again and then last year on dec 9 I had another one because electricity in india my whole fusion had broke and nothing in my back was stable. I was very lucky that something worse didn’t happen it seems I could have very easyly had ended up in a wheel chair by just the smallest accident. My last surgery was 7 hours and my doctor fused my back again and now I have rods and screws in the front and back of my spine and the doctor says there is no way I should break this time. But I had seen him in dec for my one year appointment and he told me that he doesn’t think I can work again. The pain has never gone away. Now that I have had all these surgerys I will never be without pain. I will tell you if I had to do it all again I wouldn’t have had the first surgery. I never thought that by the time I was 28 I would have gas definition science had 4 already. It’s not a fun experience it’s very painful and a long time recovering. I had met another patient of my doctors the last time I was there and he had had his first surgery the same one I had the electricity laws uk first time and he feel great so you just never know. My advise for you is don’t do it unless you have no choice at all. It should be the last resort because once you do it once the chances of having to do it again are good. If you do have to do it make sure you have a very good doctor. My first doctor was not very good at all and i’m the one paying for it still 12 years later and for the rest of my life. I wish you all the luck in the world and know there are people out there that do know what your going through. We just have to accept that this is it and deal with it. I always think of people that are worse off who can’t walk and at least I can do that. I might be in pain every day but at least I can still walk and do things for myself. I hope this helps a little the main thing to remember is your not e electricity bill payment alone.

I know where you are coming from and what you are dealing with. I’m 38 yrs old with two teenage kids. I have already had 3 back surgeries, the first one I was able to go 9 yrs without any pain, it started in my lower back L1,L2,L3 also degenerative disc disease. It took me four doctors to get to the surgeon that did my surgery the first time. It actually threw me in to having seizures and my husband could not stand to see me in so much pain. My second surgery was the removal of my rods. Right after they removed my rods I was back in surgery within the year with v gashi 2012 L4,L5 fusion and I’m still living with the pain. I now have pain in my S1 lower because my back can’t do anything. I can’t ride in a car for long distances, can’t sit long without adjusting all the time, use to ride 4-wheelers with my family, can’t do that anymore. I have lived off pain meds for the last 10 yrs electricity and magnetism purcell of my life and it’s not fun. I have constant pain going down my leg, can’t sleep good at night, use a heating pad and ice pack alot.

For a number of years I have had recurring L5-S1 pains. It usually starts when I’m not tensing my inner core muscles as I lift something or bend over for something. I’ve tried many things: chiropractor, physio, tablets, painkillers, hanging, etc but nothing else has worked apart from acupuncture. My physio and me went through almost a year of experimentation before finding acupuncture using needles and voltage did the grade 6 electricity unit [temporary] trick. Perhaps it can work for someone else. Nowadays its a case of… Physio: What have you done now? Me: Usual scenario re L5-S1. Physio: let me check.. yep its your old friend, so get on the couch. Half hour later and I am still feeling the pain but sure enough after 3 days it clears up. I would love to find a method of rectifying this without needing treatment. Here are some things I’ve found that help: Get gas calculator an inversion table and when you feel it coming on, take an inversion on it. Also, exercise your inner core muscles e.g. situps, side and back extensions. When attempting to lift anything, always start to lift it as if you have a bad back. I think you can condition your mind to behave this way over a period of time e.g. you automatically crouch when trying to lift anything and try to keep a straight back. I know all this won’t help severe cases but you can delay the onset of a lot of pain by taking those measures above.