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Revenge and redemption were the center of La Luna Sangre March 1 episode, titled Last Sacrifice. Apple begged Tristan to turn her into a vampire. Malia told La Liga Unida to be strong for the people. Sandrino goes against the eviler Sandrino’s wishes. Jethro has a vision of the Blood Moon. All questions will be answered on the final episode on March 2, Friday.

The hashtag for the coming episode, #LaLunaTheFinalBattle already got 207 thousand tweets on Twitter, and the episode is still a few hours away. The show has accumulated millions of fans and their tweets show that. La Luna Sangre March 1 Episode, Recap

After Sandrino murdered Tristan’s grandparents in front of him and killed Malia’s adoptive father, Baristo, this episode starts with a solemn funeral for them. Malia gives a heartfelt eulogy honoring the fallen three and an inspiring message for the members of La Liga Unida. She emphasized on being strong the many people who are weak.

After the funeral, Jethro falls to the floor and gets a vision. He sees the Blood Moon. When the other members insist that the La Luna Sangre is over, he explains it’s different from the prophecy. He tells them that he saw the reflection of the moon in the sea colored with blood, making it red. This adds gas to the fire of anger members of LLU are holding towards Sandrino.

After Tristan recalls all the pain Sandrino caused and finds strength in the affirming words of Lolo Gabriel, Malia, and his father, Malia comes and he tells her his plan. He doesn’t want to kill Sandrino. He shared his want to talk to him as a brother, hoping he could turn him back to good. He believes that he is only evil because no one accepted him, but he will.

Tristan calls Sandrino, telling him he wants to meet as brothers. When he ends the call, Sandrino comes out of the more evil Sandrino, expressing his want to see and talk to his brother. He still believes that Tristan will side with him so they can rule the world together. He believes they are the only ones who can rule. The more evil Sandrino gives in and agrees to meet but with the sole goal of killing Tristan.

When Malia tells the other members of LLU of Tristan’s plan, they quickly say no. But she explains as soon as Tristan fails, they will attack. When Jake talks Malia about the plan, she tells him that it’s not only because of her immense love for him, but also the desire of their hearts to do good for the many.

Sandrino calls Tristan, agreeing to meet. Then, he uses his great power to send a message to all. He stands atop a communication tower and tells all who are listening to his plans. He can bring them to a world without pain and struggle. He tells them to sacrifice their lives for him. He tells them to follow him to achieve the perfect world.

Like her parents who did not really get their final happy ending, what it Malia hugged Tristan tight because she knows he is not coming back? She wants to believe that he will succeed, but could sense deep down that Sandrino is too far gone to be convinced. Two against one big one

Using his power to split himself, Sandrino could depart from his evil counterpart and join Tristan in the battle. Tristan successfully talks to his older brother and they both fight for what is right in hopes of putting an end the evil Sandrino made.