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This is regarding 2 Lazy-Boy recliners. Back in January I bought 2 matching recliners. These happened to be number 5&6 chairs. Four years ago I hurt my back really bad and could only sleep in my Lazy-Boy. We couldn’t go on any trips without taking a chair. That’s how we decided to buy two more and keep one on our older ones to take with us. Through the years I have told everyone if you want the best sitting chair get a Lazy-Boy. This was true until I bought these.

Here’s my story. I had bought these chairs in January of this year, the furniture store had to order them as they did not have the color I wanted. I waited for 7 weeks and they delivered them. As they sat the first one down in the garage to get the second one I noticed the material was loose. I told the delivery guys this and they said the lady before me they had just delivered hers, she made the same comment. After sitting in the chair for just an hour or so when I got up the fabric was wrinkled, not just a little but really bad. Since it was after closing hours for the furniture store I waited til the next day. They called Lazy-Boy and wanted the man that fixes problems to come out and see what he needs to do. When he saw this he said I used to be able to fix this but they make these different now. So they ordered another seat for both chairs. Well they both did the same thing again. I had explained to both Lazy-Boy & the man at the furniture store, they are not sewing the fabric tight enough, It’s loose. Lazy-Boy sent the same seats out again, this is the second time. These wrinkled worse than the others. They did not fix the problem they just kept sending the same problem. This told me they were not listening. All while this was going on I had a very nice representative helping me. She and the man at the furniture store both agreed I should get 2 more chairs made out of different fabric.

I have been so upset for the last 6 months, I trusted this company and was a loyal customer and loved the chair and fabric. I have been a loyal customer for the past 30 years. They now don’t care about fixing it, and I have spent a $1000.00 from a manufacture who is not going to do the right thing. All I want is not to have something that looks terrible every time I get out of the chair. They knew this was happening and didn’t even tell the furniture stores so they could tell their customers. This is a true story written from a dis hearted lady.

I am undergoing a similar issue. I bought two identical recliners in March, 2014. I have always used lazy boy recliners, and drove 50 miles to a store which carried them. One chair is great. The other, shortly after I got it, began to bunch up at the foot rest, so that it would not go completely down. It appears that the padding separated between the seat and the foot rest. The store came to pick it up one month ago. I demonstrated the issue when the men came to pick it up. Yesterday, I got a call saying they could not find a thing wrong with the chair. They told me that a Lazy Boy representative would be at the store next week to evaluate the chair. I asked them to call me so that I could be there to demonstrate what I see is a problem, when nobody else can see it. If the foot rest on one of my chairs fully retracts, and the other one doesn’t, isn’t this a problem? And I agree about the noise from Katherine Sterling. Really hard getting out of my chair without waking my husband from "resting his eyes". 🙂