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I reported this neighbor’s 5 consecutive days of water run-off and washing down hardscape during that 3 gases that cause acid rain week alone. Photos and videos from my outdoor camera were submitted, but DWP did not consider them as proof to take any action. On the 5th consecutive day, I put a sign for this neighbor stop running water with debris. Run-Off is LADWP violation and a copy of LADWP water waste violation website page. He saw it and took a photo of my sign. The next day, the 6th day, he ran water again in the morning and again in the afternoon. Today, 4 days later, he ran water in the morning and then afternoon.

LADWP inspector came 2 days after my 1st report (out of 3) had been made. It takes only a few hours or less for water to dry up. There is NO possibility LADWP can catch the site with wet water unless they come within a few hours from the time of report being made. Any resident violating water waste will almost never get caught. I question if the law makers know about how power outage houston report these violators take an advantage of this blind spot. My experience after spending hours and hours to draft the report with photos and video clips and the response of LADWP discourage me from contributing my time for future report of violation.

When I reached out, more than once, mind you for this absurd bill. I have heard Maybe you leave your refrigerator door open? Ummm nope, single mom so I do need to preserve my food. I have even have had them agree with me that the bill seems speedy q gas station super steep. They can start a check for you, but understand this, A. they will charge you for coming out to check and B. if someone is tapping into your line it’s your problem basically. You my friend are still stuck with the bill, let me tell you if they do find someone tapping in, it’s not labeled with a unit a is stealing from you. So you don’t know in the end basically, you have to report it to the police (ha) then report it to your landlord oohhhh and then make sure you pay your outstanding absurd bill before they put you in collections.

Do they not realize they are in a lawsuit right now? Ripping people off should be stopped. It’s an estimate, there are so many people living and using electricity in apartments that they are not billed for, I know this because I have a few friends that have been in their apartments for over electricity estimated bills a year without ONE BILL. That is because all of us other unfortunate customers are footing the bill. I have submitted paperwork for the lawsuit and man I hope I get reimbursed for their overcharging. It’s insane and needs to be continuously monitored by an outside party to keep LADWP in line for their discrepancies because a lawsuit doesn’t seem to be getting them in check.

My bill has consistently been excessive ($500+ per billing) for 5 straight years so it’s not as if my bill was ridiculously low. Without any proof they can say this to anyone and just throw back charges to a consumer at will! I further argue that if a faulty meter is determined by DWP which would result in any billing dispute they should contact the resident to discuss the issue prior to taking it upon gas and supply themselves then months later sending a huge bill assuming the consumer is just going to be accepting of it. Who regulates them for this type of problem. I NEVER saw anyone fixing or changing a meter on my property. How can I even be sure the previous meter or readings were faulty? If there is no proof or prior forewarning why should I be responsible for something that could be completely fabricated by the provider.

After contacting them I’ve gotten nowhere. All they say is that if the meter was working correctly over the last 3 years I would have had these charges anyway so there is nothing I can do but pay the amount that has been prorated. So I am posting this primarily to see if anyone else has had the same issue. A handful of consumers stand taller than 1. Who knows, maybe this kind of fraud is a pattern with the DWP types of electricity consumers. If so I want to expose them and have our monies returned.

Dionne, the supervisor from Team 8, then informed me that for an unknown reason the department decided to go back to the October 14, 2014 electrical meter reading (reading) to recalculate charges (again, why?). She also mentioned that the department was not able to get an accurate reading two consecutive times in December, 2015 and February, 2015 (why? the gate was open, we do not have a dog), therefore my billing was based on estimated reading, which were running higher than the actual reading (again, why?). When the employee input the actual reading successfully obtained in April and June of this year, the system kicked the number out of the system (twice), because that would have meant that the meter had been running backward, not forward. Yet, I successfully got charged $646.55; some of it was sewage and water portion, though.

The question I have is how do I know that these charges are real? The supervisor could not explain why, if the actual reading was less e gaskell than the estimated electrical meter reading, I got charged more? The supervisor could not explain why the billing department decided to re-evaluate my bills altogether. The supervisor failed to explain why it took an entire year for them to catch their mistake, nor why the bill was sent in the end of September gas station near me, if the last correct reading was done in June. Dionne did not even give me any answers as to how they determined that we had used more water in the course of the year, aside from our usual billing. Nor, did she give me any explanation as to how we managed to use more sewage and sanitation in addition to our regular billing. Many questions gone unanswered.

When I presented my scenario as to why I might have received this extra bill, Dionne informed me that if I did not pay the bill, I would have my services cut off. Here is what I think may have happened. Last October, after I received an unusually high water and electrical bill, I called the DWP’s customer service and complained about the high balance. We started to dissect the bill and find out that source of our high billing was o gosh using too much electricity. The lady on the line was going line by line asking what appliances we have at home to see if we can reduce the bill in the future. We turned off the second refrigerator, changed the light bulbs to energy efficient, used less lighting in general, and, changed our windows to stop the draft. I was so hoping that the subsequent bills would reflect all our efforts of saving electricity as well as water. And it did.

I knew that investing $7,000.00 into new windows would have paid off eventually, less electricity to heat and cool the place, increase the home value, etc. And that is when someone at DWP noticed an increased electrical usage in our house. So, someone decided to alter our billing, otherwise, I do not see any logical reason to go back one electricity office year to re-evaluate our bills, electrical, water or sewage. I would like to eliminate the $646.55 bill from our records as any futile attempts from DWP supervisor did not produce any credible explanations to origination of this bill. Just like I cannot prove that my side of the reasoning behind these charges, DWP failed to provide any proof that this bill is an accurate reflection of my utilities usage.