Lady claiming sexual abuse hits back -almaza jalloh cites threats, manipulation against dr. oniyama – liberian news- analyst newspaper gas monkey monster truck hellcat


Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama, Manager of Monrovia Breweries, has been fanning off what he considers attempts to taint and injure his reputation over sexual abuse allegations. But the more he makes gas giants effort to seek vindication the more the allegation stare in his face as the purported victim is not letting her rights and emotions in the matter shrugged off. Even while Dr. Oniyama has resorted to court action, the alleged victim, Almaza Jalloh, is frantically fighting back, making her case or ordeal more penetrating in the public space. As The Analyst reports, Ms Jalloh is taking refuge z gas cd juarez with pro-women institutions explaining that despite the lawsuit against her, she wanted the wide world knows that threats and manipulations have been at play.

Moments after The Analyst and perhaps other media outlets have lifted expressions of disgust and consternation by Beer Factory Manager Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama as heaped on him by a lady known as Almaza Jalloh, the alleged victim has reached out to the Ministry of Gender and Social Protection gas city indiana zip code, giving rather graphic details of what had transpired between her and Oniyama culminating into lawsuit.

“The smear campaign which is being popularized in the media is merely intended to blackmail him, injure his good name and business reputation and bring him into gas monkey bar and grill public ridicule and disgrace,” he said. “However, Dr. Oniyama has vowed to seek legal remedy against Ms. Almaz Kadiatu Jalloh for this wrong in the court of competent jurisdiction.”

She wrote: “Dr. Oniyama did everything possible to stop me from getting justice both financial, moral, intimidation and manipulation tactic. And nyc electricity consumption to correct you Mr. Lansanah, Dr. Nelson Oniyama did the first DNA test in 2014 through the Medline Clinic which the samples were collected by one Alphonso Payne and was sent to DDC by the same Alphonso according to him and it took almost two months for that result to arrive, when the result finally came it was negative.

“And this test was sponsored and clinic recommended by Dr. Oniyama in fact this Alphonso is his family doctor. And the new Medline clinic which was opened opposite the old one whose services to the public is to provide DNA testing was as a result of an agreement between them and Dr. Oniyama to manipulate electricity 2pm the DNA result and in return open electricity units calculator in pakistan this DNA center.”

Ms. Jalloh further said: “So I wanted to used it as a proof in seeking justice but was again manipulated and threatened by Dr. Oniyama, so I accepted his request to do another DNA test in Nigeria in 2016. As God could have it when the result of the test from Nigeria came it was a clear indication of manipulated dna because the DNA markers of Ann- Marie was completely different and that test also indicated that I was not the mother which is impossible.

“And with regards to the three DNA test which was done in 2014, 2015 and 2016 all those three tests were all completely different which is strange because it’s the same individual that were been tested at a given time electricity bill cost per unit. The result should have been consistent since every human have a unique DNA that cannot hp gas online change. Please find in attachment copies of those DNA reports. Kindly look at the numbers for the child in all the three various test and compared it with each other and you will see that it does not match. In simple words Dr. Oniyama is trying to say that my daughter have three DNA instead of one.”

“Having sex with women without her consent Mr. Lansanah is rape and your client rape me and those electricity kwh calculator innocent children are the product of that rape,” she asserted emphatically, adding, “As a result of Dr. Oniyama constant threats and intimations towards my life and that of my family was the reason why he succeeded in raping me over and over again.”

The lady continued: “Whenever he asked that I see him in the pretends that he wanted to show me how sorry he was e gasoline for his several sexual abuse on me it was all a scam but always wanted a way to drugged me and have sex with me and that was the result of my second child and I couldn’t say that to anyone for fear of my life and that of my family. Even during the pregnancy of my second child Dr. Oniyama wanted to rape me like he did during the first child, when I was constantly bleeding as a result of his constant drugging me and raping me while I was pregnant.

“And Mr. Lansana for the records if I was seeking financial or material gain I could have accepted gas constant mmhg when Dr. Oniyama first raped me and asked that I abort the pregnancy in return he will do whatever I wanted or I could have accepted to be his mistress or even agree to be his second wife but “NO” all I wanted is justice and a precedent to be set against this evil culture of rape in our country.”

Meanwhile, Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama has filed an Action of DAMAGES FOR WRONG DEFAMATION grade 6 electricity unit ontario with the Civil Law Court in Monrovia against Almaza Jalloh otherwise known as Kadiatu Antri of the Kingdom of Belgium, first defendant, and Courage Boyonnoh Sundberg of Skinnnarasvaagen e payment electricity bill bangalore at Sollentuna, in Sweden, Second Defendant, demanding a monetary award of less than US$5 million to be determined, sufficient for indemnity and to compensate plaintiff Oniyama for the tremendous damage and injuries to Plaintiff’s character, professional and business reputation.

Dr. Oniyama, the plaintiff in the suite, told the court that although that at no time he and Ms. Jalloh unprotected during intimacy, he accepted responsibility for the pregnancy and thereupon started providing support for the pregnancy and the child was subsequently was begotten. Court records said Plaintiff admitted accepting responsibility for the pregnancy and the child premised upon his cultural values, respect for women, upbringing gas hydrates energy and decency which such mistakes were possible even in the face of the utmost care.