Lake george group forms to fight cut of school position local gas block dimple jig

Who are these people? Three people? Is Conley involved with this group? This is all crazy. I was shown by a neighbor the memo they were sending around which I guess Goot received, in which they accused the Board of Ed of "entering into executive sessions for fictitious reasons" and illegalities, violating NY law, with no more evidence than some lawyer who I don’t think is an educational lawyer squawking at the last meeting. These accusations sure sound like slander/libel to me. This "nonprofit" group had better tread carefully, or they may find themselves in legal hot water, sharing memos with those accusations around the community! Meanwhile, enrollment has dropped and those principals there for the last ten years and the old Superintendent and Board of Ed have hidden this from us taxpayers. High school enrollment has decreased 25% and the principal, Cocozza, replaced those who retired and hired even MORE teachers. My son said one math teacher retired and they hired two. Two science teachers retired last year and I was told they hired two new ones. They have the same number of teachers they had ten years ago. This is theft of our tax dollars!! I have also heard some teachers teach three classes, TOTAL, and some students have 5 kids in English and 3 kids in their science class. No wonder these barely working employees have had so much time for all this nonsense and mischief they have been involved in. I would love for Mr. Goot to spend some time investigating how many kids are in each class in the school, cause I think the school has been ripping off us taxpayers. Someone has been lying, but I don’t think it is this BOE, which seems to try to be getting an handle on the dropping enrollment. I think this is all about lying to the community – and a small portion of the community and the employees of the district are trying to keep their gravy train at the expense of those who pay the bills and their salaries. Enough. The Board needs get rid of an unnecessary Vice Principal position and then start making cuts that bring staff numbers in line with enrollment. Or they will find they won’t be able to pass another budget in the forseeable future.

If I used 30% less electricity and the electric company told me that it is fine for me to keep paying an extra 30% in my bill, I would have a huge problem with this. So why is this group and the employees been fighting this position cut and saying that we don’t need to cut anyone else when they’ve had a 30% drop in enrollment? Seems like they are gearing up to protect jobs that are no longer needed.

Hey Lake George United, or whatever you call yourself, you are going to get a huge wake up call when the majority of tax payers of Lake George demand cuts in employees. Cause that is what is needed. And cut my taxes 30%, too. They have gone up every year while enrollment has been going down. I’m paying over $4000 in school taxes now. I want my taxes reduced by 30% to $2700. Thank you, Lake George United and complaining teachers, for pointing out over and over that we have lost so many students. And maybe ask yourselves why no one is moving in the area for the school that you are always shouting is so excellent.

The reality of this is that the school district is getting smaller, and when it gets smaller things, staff, services, sports and educational opportunities have to be cut or taxes have to go up. Failed budgets and rising taxes would have created a whole other up roar. No one wants the hard job of being the captain of a sinking ship. But in this case the board appears to be doing the hard work of bailing water to keep it a float while the entitled passengers are complaining about a lack of clean towels. Just shut up and stop acting like petulant toddlers it is not a good look even if it is making you feel important. You voted for this board, at the next election vote in a different one, it is a tail as old as time, you will just shift what the problems are. In the mean time say thank you for your service and I will shut up for now because I did not put my hat in the ring when it mattered. You want a voice? Run for a seat on the next board. If anyone joins this group and at the same time does not run for the board in the next election they should be ….. fill in the blank with your own ideas