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If you want to get more perspective la gas prices now in your life, get back to basics and just marvel at a piece of NZ paradise, this is the walk for you. Just returned from 3 nights, 4 days and had a wonderful time. Late Feb is certainly a great time to go – the days were hot, evenings lightly cool and we had 2 refreshing swims in the lake. We stayed at Waikaremoana Holiday Park before the walk and then drove to Big Bush camp where Kerry drove us in his shuttle to the start of the walk at Onepoto u gas station near me, The first day is challenging as you climb the Panekiri bluff but the remainder of the walk is a moderate and undulating. Don’t rush to do it in the minimum time gas cap light. The beauty of the walk is the journey not the destination (although after the first day, I could only think of the end!). Tips: (i) take the water taxi at the end – a different perspective on the lake (ii) avoid Mauriti Hut and go to Wairuru (more modern and cleaner) (iii) Don’t overdo the amount of food in your pack – remember you have to carry it all. Should have k electric jobs test left the baked bean cans at home! More Show less

We did the 44km Great Walk round the lake in 2.5 days and 2 nights. 2nd day was a bit much for the kids (aged 10 and 12) – specially electricity kwh to unit converter walking up the Panekiri Bluff after already walking 12 km earlier on that day! But we made it, all carrying our own packs. And it was spectacular. Remember to take warm clothing as it can get cold any time of year (we went in January and had 1 very freezing night and wish was had brought thermals!). Can start at either end but would suggest that if you are going to condense the trip gaz 67 dakar into 2 nights and 2.5 days you start from Onepoto. If you need transport to and from the starting and ending points or to and from Wairoa then Jackie Torkington provides a great, reliable and reasonably priced shuttle service. You can contact her on jackie@waikaremoana electricity questions grade or 021 1852999. She can also give you advice about the walk. I left my phone in her car and she went to the trouble to find it and send it back to me. The Waikaremoana Holiday Park is also a great place gas vs electric water heater cost per year to stay if staying around the area before or after the walk and reasonably price for a cabin (around $72 for all gas efficient cars 2016 4 of us) and has a small shop where you can stock up on basic food / supplies.

I did this trip in the middle of December 2013 with a friend. The walk is quite electricity storage association enjoyable, not challenging at all. The views are pretty and the water was warm enough to swim in. We stayed at two huts, however, we could have done this tramp in two days and one night. Because we started at the Onepoto end we were unable to do this, as at the end of the track you have to rely on a water taxi to pick you up. These water taxis arrive between one and two pm and we would have missed it by two hours. Next time I would definitely only gas 78 stay at Waiopaoa hut and then leave early the following morning and walk to Hopuruahine pick up. The huts are really nice and you meet some great people along the way. Take plenty of insect repellent and electricity load shedding sunblock as there are heaps of sand flies. The weather is very changeable, each afternoon we had hail, thunder and lightening and this continued on into the late evening 66 gas station. So waterproof clothing is essential. There is also no gas, cookers or lights at the huts so bring these along. The last day we tramped from waiharuru hut to the Hopuruahine pickup and it took us less than four hours, so leave later as the water taxi doesn’t come until about 2pm.