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BOTH major cities in Pennsylvania have been destroyed. The government from Cleveland have received scattered reports from the state. There are rumors that the state capital of Harrisburg was also hit by a lower-yield device. There are unconfirmed reports that multiple factions are claiming to be an emergency state government and have gathered at Penn State University.

At 1809 hours 26 March 1984, ALPHA received confirmation of a radio transmission from national guard forces in the state of Minnesota. According to those reports, the surviving area around Minneapolis-St. Paul was the target of a nerve gas attack.

We have no confirmation on Soviet forces in North America outside this transmission. However, after consultation with Brigadier General Griswold/CINC-NEBCONFORCE, stinger-armed NCF teams will be placed at installations effective immediately, and all NCF air combat units will be at a heightened state of alert.

U.S. Air Force personnel detained near Lincoln, upon hearing a recording of the transmission say the gathering order is ACTUAL. In concurrence with the Nebraska Combined Forces, I order that said personnel are RELEASED effective immediately. The ranking officer of the Bomber Recovery Unit confirms that their orders are to proceed to the point of origin of the "gathering order", which they state is near Walla Walla, Washington.

Click to expand…FEMA Air Force and Army Corp of Engineers did enhancement work on Walla Walla Regional Airport prior to the attacks and post-attack. Those enhancement were completed in full prior to the GOLF-OSCAR 26 March 1984. The result is Ronald Reagan Airfield/FEMA National Emergency HQ.

Atmopheric report for Buffalo county shows the radiation level for at least four day will stay without ‘safe’ limit meaning exposure times up to 4-8 hours..We caution however that if don’t need to be out, don’t…Also, you Buffalo County emergency administration remind you to practice good hygiene. Your hygiene is the best civil defense…

Inside an empty classroom, the cadets unrolled sleeping bags. It had a been a long first day. A long day of running, fetching and helping. The first batches of antibiotic syrup was done. In the morning some of would be shipping to two neighbor towns, were factories with raw material was synthesize thousands more doses.

He reached into his bag. To put his toothpaste and tooth brush away. He was feeling a little refreshed…He had a shower maybe 30 minutes ago. There was running hot water here, perhaps one of the few places that did…It felt good to have that.

"Under the Emergency Operations Plan of 1984, a.k.a. GOLDENROD, the primary judicial authority lies within the individual counties, cities and town. As of March 26, 1984, we estimate that perhaps 50-60 of Nebraska’s 93 counties have surviving authorities. Within those areas, the local law enforcement and judicial entities would execute law as they saw fit in cooperation with the national guard under the umbrella of the Nebraska Combined forces."

"I will not kid you, misdemeanor offenses not longer apply now. These are desperate times. They call for desperate measures. During curfews, the orders are shoot on sight. If you steal emergency material, you will be shot. If you kill someone for emergency material, you will be shot. Steal food, we won’t need to shoot you, average citizens will do it for us."

"As the weather and radiation situation improves, we will have a serious task ahead. With cleanup, planting and industrial recovery plans to get underway in April, Nebraska has no time or patience for antisocial behavior. Those who disrespect our laws, will feel the business end of those laws"

Glimmers of hope have come in the last few days. The possibility of the news from outside the state. The hope of a reforming national government. Plans to start planting crops. A breakthrough in the "Grand Island Flu" cases that have affected thousands of people in the towns and the refugee camps.

"Yes," Griswold replied. "We got a telegraph message from Suhr. She’s okay. Got bruised up when she tried to fight back…According to the CDU on the ground. Eight men tried to take the medication by force. Additional CDUs were called in..There were some casualties.."

"A couple of pieces," Griswold stated. "Per your orders, we are letting the Bomber Recovery Team and the B-52 crews go today. They plan to report to whatever FEMA continuity site they have out west. And with your message when they arrive, sir."

Governor Kerrey answered. "Not yet. We don’t know who’s at the other end of the line. They may not be who they say they are. They may even be Soviet for all we know. We send a message. They reply to it….What’s the other piece of good news?"

The Cadets were planning to leave this afternoon, to continue with the mission as Bob instructed Cadet Captain Wecker to do. Those plans would be delayed. The local officers of the Nebraska Combined Forces and the Buffalo County Emergency Council wanted their statements on the incident.

In an empty room away, Chip was alone and silent. Still shaking from what happened hours before. His mind’s eye replaying the events. The darkness in the classroom. Seeing the shadow of a gun barrel at the head of Jill. Thoughts of death. Thoughts of his family back in Schuyler.