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Welcome to all the surfers of AlMawar AlYawoum website. Get acquainted with the landline phone bill 2018 April: The value of the quarterly land phone bill. Land of 2018 April: The value of the quarterly land phone bill .. Mobile network codes Telecom Egypt Land Phone Bill 2018 April Inquire about the phone bill for April, and we have started looking for it intensively during these days, which is usually the issue of every quarterly bill, and we will help you through this article to know the value of the landline bill for April 2018, so we made it easy to know the value of consumption on the April telephone bill for the telephone We will also provide you with many of the services that Telecom Egypt offers to its customers, and the company strives to provide its customers with the best they can to the phone bill. Land Phone Bill 2018 April Query for Land Phone Bill 2018 April The telephone bill of April 2018 is being investigated through the following link:

Link to inquire about phone bill value Click on the link above This page will open as image Enter the province code and phone number Click on the word Show invoices You will see the invoice for the phone number you entered Mobile network codes Telecom Egypt the service Query number and activation of the service Balance Inquiry by * * 322 # Balance Shipping by * 555 * PIN # Find out phone number through * 688 # Balance transfer to another number through * 323 * Amount * Phone number # or call 322 credit number * Thank you through * 04 # Thank you by * 515 * Phone # Directory Services Call 140 via Egyptian network or 01555000140 via any other network. Code to talk to me thanks by 515 # phone number to inquire about usage through * 414 # Check for an Internet service on your landline Click on the link below: The page will appear as follows: Check the availability of internet service for your landline number Enter the area and phone number

Click on Verify Read also by clicking on the link below: This service is obtained by visiting any of the following exchanges: Al – Korba Central Al – Mohandeseen Central Giza Central Ramses (You can also send a representative on your behalf), taking into account the following documents: ID card, passport or driver’s license. Property ownership contract (rent or ownership). A receipt confirming your possession of the place, such as the delivery of electricity, gas or water. You can make your first international call during the first week after paying all the expenses necessary to operate this service. Dear reader, you can now inquire about the value of the landline bill for April 2018. This will start from April 15th, with a grace period of one full month, which can be paid until 15 May 2018, after which date any fines will be applied to customers. Landline Bill 2018 April You can find out through the Telecom Egypt website and explain the steps that show how to know the invoice through the means available by the company. We would like to thank you for visiting our website and if you have any questions regarding this news, please call us or call us.