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TW- I have noticed that the laser seems to lose power over time. To better get a handle on this I am going to start running Cut Rankings. Every time I use the laser, I will make a test of small squares on the 1/8 mdf, which is usually around as scrap, for cutting at 100 power. electricity drinking game They will be staggered at speeds of I will put the results and date. If others could do this to we might start to see what we need to do. If these settings are outdated, do your own test cuts as too low a speed produces a lot of smoke.

Be very careful when removing the emergency stop, because it homes itself during every power-on. So, be sure the lens head is free. r gasquet If the table is so high that the head is stuck in the honeycomb, open the lower doors of the laser, manually pull the belts on the screws so that the bed goes down. After this, this procedure will have to be reversed, measuring the distance from both sides of the bed to both sides of the gantry.

FAQ TroubleShooting Power won’t come on, or shuts off during use. Check the other items on the same line, such as the laser computer or the overhead light. If they work, make sure the laser is still plugged in. If the power is off to the whole line, the breaker box is located in the back corner in the wood shop. Flip it back on, and you should be good to go. (This is a known issue, and a more permanent fix is being discussed. grade 6 electricity unit test Until then, apologies for ruined cuts) When running TEST I get a SOFT STOP message on screen and no test. That usually means your cut runs off the laser table. Check your origin point on the file and where you have the laser head starting. electricity and magnetism study guide 5th grade Sometimes it means that Logical Origin is set to ON which places your cut off the table, no matter where you have manually set the laser head. How can I turn off Logical Origin? To Cancel Logical Origin use the keys on the Control Panel on the Laser and the Control Panel Display.

It takes several minutes or infinite minutes to compile in LaserCut I have had this happen with some (but not all) DXF files from OpenSCAD. Open the dxf file in CorelDraw and then save it as dxf. It will "clean it up" and you compiles will now be very quick. I have no clue what is happening. gas after eating dairy When cutting 1/8mdf through it takes 100% and slower than 20 speed. Check Focus. If problem persists have trainer clean lens and mirrors. DO NOT attempt cleaning if you are NOT a trainer. When downloading file to laser cutter, no file appears in the DownLoad window or on the laser cutter Your file is too big (some combination of actual size and complexity of design) to be transferred via the cord. electricity vs gasoline You can download your design directly to the laser cutter via USB flash drive.

• Make sure the door is all the way closed. The door interlock uses a small magnetic sensor on the front right bezel into which the door sits when closed. The magnetic sensor requires a small gap between it and the magnet. If the door requires re-alignment, TELL A TRAINER. DO not try to fix it yourself, just let someone know to re-align it so you don’t make it worse.

ToDo New cylinders to hold different lenses, …to make it easy and safe to change them without smudging or damage. Sector67 has indicated they may make some of these. (The existing cylinder has too narrow an opening for the lens that gives a long focal length. gas vs electric oven for baking cakes Its beam is so wide that it hits the lip and heats up the cylinder.) Payment-measuring timer. One way to do this would be to measure current to the machine and time how long it runs at laser-firing power. It would be good to put a button on the timer that would re-set it to zero. Another way, used at other spaces, is to use the "blow" output contact from the controller, which is meant to trigger the air-assist, in case bottled gas is being used for special cutting. Done Payment box. Greg Smith made it. Laptop desk. Standing desk built by Dustin White & Ted Hansen. gas tax in new jersey Aperture in the chassis, through which to thread the blue USB cable with a grommet. Instead, we discovered an exit under the machine and threaded it through that. Matt Arnold used sugru on the side of the standing desk for a place to attach the end of the cable when unused. Authorized Users and Trainers Trainer Name