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It’s almost April 15th, which means that your taxes are just about due. Hopefully, you did everything you could in 2018 to maximize your refund or at least reduce the amount you owe this year. While most of your options for reducing your tax bill had to be completed by the end of last year, there are four things you can still gas density of air do to save money on your taxes. 4 Ways You Can Still Reduce Your Tax Bill

Your IRA is good for your taxes. The more you contribute to your IRA, the better your tax refund may be. If you haven’t maxed out your grade 9 electricity unit 2018 contribution to your IRA, then there is still time to do so. Unlike your 401(k) and other savings and investments plans, you don’t have to complete your contributions at the end of the year to count it toward taxes. You have until April 15th of the bad gas 6 weeks pregnant current year to contribute to offset last year’s taxes.

As long as you have the money, even in a regular savings account, it makes sense to make this contribution. It will immediately reduce your taxes, allowing you to get a bigger refund. Heck, you can use the refund to replace the savings that you used to contribute to the IRA. Moreover, you’re setting yourself up for retirement success by socking away as much money as possible in that account. It’s a win-win situation.

If you have a 401(k) plan through your work gas or electricity more expensive, then you’re limited in your IRA contributions. However, if you earn less than $73,000, you still benefit from IRA deductions. The exact amount you’re allowed varies depending on your income, so check on that before you make your IRA investment. On the other hand, if you don’t have a 401(k) through work, then you aren’t limited in this way. You can contribute up to $5500 to your IRA. If you’re over age grade 9 electricity unit review 50, you can add another $1000 to that. All of this goes towards improving your tax refund.

If you received capital gains from your investments in 2018, then you might want to offset those gains. One really smart way to do that, and electricity symbols and meanings one you can still do before you file your taxes, is to invest in Qualified Opportunity Zones. Specifically, you can sell an existing property, then reinvest that money into one of those Qualified Opportunity Zones. If you do, you can defer the tax on the sale. All of this is relatively new, thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. 3. Take Advantage of Being a Small Business Owner

If you are filing as a small business owner, there are still some things you can do to lower your taxes before you file. That same Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that helps defer taxes on real estate investments as described above also includes a new 20% business deduction c gastronomie for business owners who earned less than $315,000. The act also has new flexible rules about depreciation deductions, which means you might be able to increase your depreciation claims now to reduce your income below that $315,000 threshold so that you can take advantage of the 20% business deduction.

Before you finish your taxes, you should make sure that you have applied to receive every credit and deduction that you qualify for. In case you are electricity distribution network wondering, credits are direct refunds to you whereas deductions reduce the total amount of taxable income. Therefore, credits are slightly more preferable, but both are good for your bottom line. There are deductions and credits for people who are in school, parents, homeowners, and people who bought eco-friendly items. See all 2018 tax credits and deductions static electricity human body causes here.

Before you file your taxes, make sure that you’ve checked on the above five things. Then start planning right away for your 2019 taxes. After all, if you want to make the most of your money, you can’t rely on these last-minute tax tips alone. You also have to maximize charitable contributions electricity year invented and other things that you can only do before the end of the year if you want them to count on taxes.