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Delran Township is moving to a fully automated trash collection system for all households. This system will function similarly to the Township’s existing recycling collection program. On or about January 9, 2017, every household in the Township will receive a new, 96-gallon, wheeled cart, to replace existing trash bins. Once your new cart has been provided, only solid waste that has been placed inside the bin will be collected. Trash placed at the curb in any other receptacle will not be collected. Please note that there will be no changes to yard-waste, recycling or “bulk” trash collection. The bins are property of Republic Trash Services; they will be delivered directly to each home. No appointments are necessary, and you do not need to be home to receive your new trash bin. Automation is a faster and more efficient way to collect residential solid waste. In addition to time- and cost-savings typically provided by automation, the program will help keep our neighborhoods neat and clean, improve safety on residential streets, and provide safer working conditions for contractors. The carts are durable and easy to maneuver. Towns across the country have made the move to automated collection and have historically reported both decreased collection costs, as well as an increase in the town’s recycling rate – which in turn can generate additional revenue in the form of recycling grants. For more information, visit the Township website at or contact the Department of Public Works at (856) 461-7737.

Why has Delran moved to automated trash? The five year contract with Republic Services was expiring on September 30, 2016 so a public bid was required pursuant to the New Jersey Public Contracts Law. Bids were received from two different trash haulers with various options and all of the bids received were significantly higher than the previous expiring contract.

The Township Council considered the options and chose to go with automated collection service as the contract bid. While this bid was higher than the cost 5 years ago, the addition of automation is $15,933 a year lower than the traditional pick up services for each year of the five year contract. In addition, those communities that have chosen to go with the automated services have reported significant reductions in the tonnage at the landfill with some communities reporting savings of up to 15%. These savings are a result of increased recycling and the new containers keeping rain from impacting the weight of the loads being delivered to the landfill. If this reported reduction also happens in Delran, we will save an additional 5% at the landfill resulting in an additional $22,000 a year savings. This would total $110,000 in additional savings over the span of this contract. Therefore, between the bid contract savings and the potential landfill savings the township would experience a $189,669 dollar savings over the traditional trash collection method.

In a time when communities have to contend with 2% caps on their expenditures and facing a higher cost for trash collection, it was determined this alternative offered the township the best opportunity to provide the service without negatively impacting other services.

What are the benefits of moving to automated trash collection? Automation is a faster and more efficient way to collect residential solid waste. Additionally, other towns that have moved to automated collection have reported an increase in recycling rates and an overall reduction in the amount of trash collected. The hinged lids help to keep rain water out of cans, reducing trash weight, and are as animal-proof as possible. In addition to anticipated time and cost savings, the program will help keep our neighborhoods neat and clean, improve safety on residential streets, and provide safer working conditions for trash collectors. The carts are durable and easy to maneuver.

When will automated collection begin? You should begin using your new cart as soon as it has been delivered. Automated collection will begin once your new can has been delivered, and trash put at the curb in any other receptacle will not be collected.

What should I do with my old trash cans? Residents may drop off clean, empty trash cans at the Department of Public Works, 900 Chester Avenue, during normal business hours, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday – Friday and or on first and third Saturday 9 a.m. to 12 noon.

What do the new carts look like? Delran’s new trash carts are very similar to your blue recycling cart. These uniform carts will help to keep our residential streets neat and clean. All trash carts will have the Republic logo on the side and will be linked to your address via a serial number embedded in the plastic.

How do I prepare my trash cart for weekly set-out? All trash should be bagged before being placed in the cart. The lid to the cart must close tightly, and no material should be sticking out of the cart. Trash carts should be placed at the curb at least 4 feet from obstacles such as mailboxes, telephone poles and any overhead obstructions. Cart handles and wheels should be facing the house and the lid opening should face the street

Are there any items not permitted for collection? Yes, recyclable products. See a complete list of what’s recyclable here at This will include leaves and brush, hazardous materials such as oil-based paints, solvents, asbestos or commercial medical waste

Will grass still be collected? Yes. Grass will still be collected according to existing guidelines on your normal trash day. However, we recommend that grass be mulched back into the lawn in order to save on the costs of landfilling grass and for the benefit of the environment.

Are the new carts animal proof? The new carts are the most animal proof available. If you store your cart outside and encounter a problem with animals, you can use a bungee cord to secure the lid to the lift bar, but please remember to remove the bungee cord on your collection day or your cart will not be emptied.

Will my collection day remain the same? Yes. Your trash will continue to be collected weekly, and on the same collection day. Place all trash after 5:30 p.m. the day before your scheduled collection day. All emptied containers must be removed from curbside within 12 hours after the end of the collection day.

What should I do with overflow trash that does not fit into my cart? Your new trash cart can accommodate as much volume as 3 to 4 standard-sized trash cans. We expect these carts to be sufficient for your household. If you have a one-time overflow of trash, please hold it until your next regular collection day. However, if you feel that you would need a second cart, you may purchase up to two additional carts from Republic. The price will be less than $65.00 per cart.

Will collection of bulk items (sofas, mattresses, other furniture) change? Bulk items that do not fit inside the trash cart will continue to be collected according to our existing guidelines. Click here for guidelines: .

How will I get rid of large appliances known as White Goods? Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and other white goods are collected every second and fourth Wednesday of each month. Please call the Township Clerks Office at (856 461-7734 x 100) to schedule a pickup. Remember to remove the doors from refrigerators and freezers.