Lcd technology milestone to be celebrated at display week 2018 electricity invented in homes


In May 1968, RCA announced the discovery of an entirely new type of electronic display. A major departure from cathode ray tubes (CRTs), the new technology – which employed dynamic scattering of liquid crystal molecules – was lightweight, very thin, and consumed little electrical power. The announcement stirred global excitement and precipitated the launch of now-commonplace digital watches and pocket calculators—and triggered scientific work in multiple countries to synthesize liquid-crystal materials for use in display applications.

"With five decades of LCD innovation and product development behind us, the technology is embedded in our collective consciousness," said Sri Peruvemba, chair of marketing for SID. "While much has been made of the increasing faceoff between LCD and OLED [organic light-emitting diode] technology in the TV market, LCD’s position remains strong in myriad major applications. Papers being presented at Display Week will look at LCDs for AR/VR, wearables, industrial, medical and automotive. We look forward to celebrating the evolution of the technology at this year’s special event."

The 55 th Display Week, presented by the Society for Information Display (SID), will take place May 20-25 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, Calif. Display Week is the world’s leading event focused on emerging electronic display technologies – their advancement, integration into products, and commercialization. Display Week attracts attendees from the entire ecosystem of R&D, engineering, design, manufacturing, supply chain, marketing, sales and financial, as well as commercial and consumer end-user markets. It delivers unparalleled learning opportunities, market-moving trends, sourcing, roadmaps-to-market, and connections for career and business growth. To attend Display Week, or to join SID go to For information on exhibiting and event sponsorship: Americas & Europe, contact Jim Buckley by email at, or call (203) 502-8283; Asia, contact Sue Chung by email at, or call (408) 389-9596.

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