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Learn to read and write in Thai. I spent years trying to learn words, phrases, etc., but frankly – in one ear and out the other. Without living in Thailand or having a Thai speaker to talk with the process was disappointing. Tone deaf, memory loss, weak brain – who knows, but remembering volcabulary and repeating endless lines of single thoughts in Thai was just not working. a gas has Sure I learned a bit and Thai friends would complement me but I was hopeless once they opened their mouths. I tried a year-ago to learn the alphabet – consonants, vowels – about one month or so, did very well, but work got in the way and I failed keeping up the daily drills. After returning from Thailand this year I decided to focus on learning to read and write. It’s been my most rewarding journey in the language. I still can not “read” as in English – like this paragraph without first translating it into phonetic-english. But I can write it phonetically and get the pronunciation mostly correct. electricity history timeline Learning to write implies you learn to speak because in order to write phonetically you must interpret Thai sounds correctly. You’ll do that once you begin learning the Thai alphabet. k electric bill statement You’ll learn Thai consonants are spoken differently depending on whether in an initial or final position. For example: ก- gaaw gai, makes a “G” sound when it begins a word or a hard “K” sound if at the end of a word. Learning Thai vowels forces you to speak words in Thai correctly. Same with tone marks. Once you get started and have some of this down use Maanee books to practice. Turn off the translations. Do the translations yourself, then hit the audio to see how close you came to the sentance. Then turn them back on to see the correct translation. Bare in mind that Thai is written in english in many different ways depending on the author. gasbuddy touch Mia follows Thai2English, I prefer ThaiPod101. Other authors do such a botch-up job its hard to speak their version. Germans come close to several important Thai sounds but ThaiPod101 does a very good job. I mix and match spellings from time to time. gas pains or contractions Bare in mind how we write a Thai word in english becomes irrelevant over time because what is most important is being able to speak the word and be understood. Mia’s done a fabulous job with the books. electricity a level physics They contain a large useful volcabulary you will learn over time. By reading and translating you’ll put many of those words to work because they are repeated as the stories develop. I won’t be needing words like – horseback riding, but now I know them and will not forget them. I hope this helps.

I just wanted to encourage those of you asking various questions that good things do come in time if you put the effort in. Last October I posted a long response about Maanii books, reading and writing. I’m one year into the project and now able to read and understand most of what is contained in Maanii Book 1. I’m working on writing – learning the correct spelling of common Thai words (vowels, tone marks, etc.). I’m convinced it is the best avenue for speaning Thai which is clearly a challenging language for anyone. q gases componen el aire Had I done this with Spanish I’m sure I could hold a good conversation with a spanish speaking person, but with Thai that is not possible for most of us. However, Mai’s books are very good. I only wish she had the time and translated the full version of the books into english along with the great work she did on translations. The original books have much needed drills that we all need to practice in order to learn to speak Thai. If you look at the original version you’d see what I mean or for that matter any one of the Grade 1 – 3 kids books on book store shelves in Thailand. They are fabulous tools for learning to speak and pronounce the language. It is how kids learn on Thailand.