Learning curve on the ecliptic akashic records an’ all that gas vs electric oven temperature


In the vast majority of Life Readings given by [Edgar] Cayce, his source of information was ostensibly the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records, according to seers and others familiar with their alleged existence, are the indelible impressions on the fabric of the universe of everything that has ever happened. A channel may refer to this cosmic memory as a vast, non-molecular library, complete with a full understanding of each and every event in the universal record. In this respect, the Akashic Records may be likened to Carl Jung’s Collective Unconscious, or Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphogenetic Fields. In all cases, these collection of all memories, not only exist, but are accessible by anyone capable of properly tuning their mind-receiver. (These records may also be available even though one is not consciously aware that they are tuning in!)

Cayce’s normal mode was to simply visit the Akashic Records, as if going to the local library. In this way, he could answer virtually any question that might be posed to him. At the same time, there were occasions when Cayce was apparently not speaking in the first person, but was in fact channeling another entity. While Cayce never attempted this feat of performing as a channel or medium, there were apparently occasions when other entities did spontaneously speak through him. One notable example was John of the Revelation.

Yep – we’re deep into woo-woo country here! My mind goes to a scene in the movie "Interstellar". Towards the end of the film, the astronaut, having navigated a wormhole, discovers what’s described as a tesseract, a seemingly never-ending grid from which any segment of time and experience can be accessed – a kind of library of records, in fact. Was that a modern version of the Akashic Records – I wonder?

Reincarnation/past lives: I have given this quite some thought. In some kind of flash, one day when I was reading about Edgar Cayce, it struck me that what the Hindus call "akashic records" may help get to the truth. Such records, I thought, must not necessarily be restricted to the past. If destiny is pre-ordained, they may as well already contain the future, or the present. Cayce may have had the ability to see exactly that, the present state of health and, if it was an illness, it’s future evolution and cure for it.

Consequently the same records (misleading term as records refer to the past only), could be accessible to a person like your Virginia [the real life Bridey Murphy], even if they had nothing to do with her own past – and also and foremost – if reincarnation does not exist at all. The person having such a vision, or a "déjà-vu" impression, may be able, quite unconsciously, to tap into the "akashic record" of SOMEBODY ELSE, but believe it was him or herself.

If my theory is true, it would explain why in haunted places the same ghost appears to different people. The defunct who died (usually of a violent death), left some "readable" psychic imprints at that place and some people visiting are subsequently able to read them. One can even wonder if the Monster of Loch Ness had not actually existed and the reported sightings were not readings by some more sensitive people of the "psychometric records" left by the monster in a possibly very distant past? My reply:

I wonder if the ability to tap into the "records" (supposing they exist) would be shown in a natal chart. One would not necessarily need classic psychic skills, perhaps, though these could assist in deliberate attempts to access th "records".

Yes, of course. It makes sense that if some "repository" such as the akashic records (or something similar with a title more in line with today’s chaos theory, string theory and what have you) would be in a place practically inaccessible to the human brain – except maybe by accident.

Have some experience with inventions, made recently my third one. And truly I have no idea how these ideas come about. Quite a few inventions have happened at the same time in different places over the past. And are well documented. Is there an overall "Plan" permitting the release of ideas which will influence evolution? By asking, I guess, I have answered.

Life (and astrology) is built upon patterns (mathematical?) So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised about this pattern as life and consciousness evolved, and discoveries were made. Astrologers do usually link Aquarius and/or Uranus to invention and inventors. Perhaps there’s something in the brain chemistry of those with the sign or planet in certain positions or configurations astrologically, that enables the native to unconsciously "dip" into the pool of information which could be an offshoot of those Akashic records mentioned above.

It all comes down to belief, for me. If you open yourself to the possibility of there being ghosts, you’ll be more likely to experience one – and I did – in Central City, Colorado, in early 1981. It’s a long story, so I won’t go into it. All I’ll say is that ‘the ghost’ was a trickster who scared the bejesus out of me one solitary night while I was living in an old house on the main street there. About two months later, after someone else had moved in and I had moved out, it happened to them, as well. That person called me immediately on the phone and asked if I had just been in the house. I wasn’t, but I understood right away what had happened.

I can’t tell you ‘the truth’ about what happened, but I know that it happened to me and that I’m still always wary of talking about it. Do you know how most people will look at you if you tell them? I learned that lesson the hard way. Nothing like the sudden loss of credibility in other people’s eyes. It’s something you never forget.

As for "reservoirs of inspiration": I remember reading an interview with the 60’s pop-star Donovan who talked about having an idea or melody passing him by on the wind. He said that if he didn’t grab it, then and there, it would continue on its journey and perhaps George Harrison might catch it downstream. I liked that idea. It’s kind of like tuning into a particular radio station – and there are a million of them all going on at once. We’re all listening, but tuned in to different wavelengths.