Leicester city 3 – 1 arsenal – match report arsenal.com gas constant in kj


Yeah, we obviously gave them an advantage to play quite a long time against 10 men but I felt that we dug really deep and we obviously needed to defend at times and be compact and wait for our opportunities to counter-attack. I thought that we had two or three very good opportunities. In the second half we scored a goal and we were right back in the game but unfortunately the second goal, the penalty, gave them back the lead and then they waited for a counter-attack and confirmed their win.

Well, we had nothing to wait for because we were down to 10 men. We had to make sure that we played and couldn’t just wait and give them the ball and wait for their chances. They had chances from counter-attacking in the first half, but as I said, when you go down to 10 men you have two options. You can defend your box and wait for one chance, but obviously with our quality of football we believe that if you have more of the ball, even down to 10 men, then we will create more to score the goal. In the end we did so, but the second goal killed the game.

It’s a frustration, yes, because I believe we played a great game and with 10 against 11, we have shown quality in our game, spirit, and overall it’s very sad because the decision went against us and we are upset because we lost a game we should not have lost. That’s a fact we have to face. It has not big consequences but it’s just in a continuity in what we have faced all season.

No, I feel that if you look at our season, at home we have had championship-winning form. Away from home we have had the consequence of many things: a lack of confidence because of a few bad results, and after that we neglected some games because we were in the Europa League. The quality is there, the spirit is exceptional. I think if the team has one or two good away results next year, they will play for the Premier League – I’m convinced because there’s something special in that team, which will come out next season. I’m convinced that Arsenal will be one of the top contenders next year.

They played with 11 against 10 for 75 minutes and we had to make the game. They played well but I must say, I don’t know if you have played football, but when you have to attack with 10 against 11, it’s normal that when you lose the ball, your opponent has space and opportunities to go on the counter-attack.

Of course. This boy has 20 top-level games in his legs. I believe when games are very close, it takes so much mental energy at the start of your career that it takes sometimes a bit longer to recover. Tonight he was a bit surprised by the pace of the game at the start, because he had not completely recovered. I had a long thought about playing him straight away again or not. Sometimes you think ‘OK, it’s going well for him, keep him in’. But I don’t think he had recovered.

I’m grateful for the reaction of the crowd. Overall, I’m frustrated because we lost the game. I think Leicester is a fantastic football club. I managed here when Guppy, Izzet and all these guys played here. They always played in the Premier League, they always had good teams. They always do good work, so it was a nice reception from the fans as well.

First of all he was with us [tonight]. He had to go back because his wife was induced. For the rest, I give him only always one advice: stay at the club. The noises I have is that he will do it, but I don’t know how close he is to signing the contract or not. But the noises are positive. I hope that will be concluded very quickly and that he can go to the World Cup with England, and win the World Cup.