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Take a look below at the selection of Hereford Bulls ‘For Sale’, as well as the Show and Replacement Hereford Heifers that we currently have ‘FOR SALE’. These are available through Private Treaty Sale from our Postville, Iowa location. More animals become available with each season. Whether you are looking for Registered Herefords to show or build your herd – or if you want good Hereford blood for crossing in a black or other commercial herd, we have options for each! Let us know what you have and what you are ‘looking for’ and we will see what we may have to help you best. If your priority is to find low birth weights and calving ease, we have bulls with low actual birth weights and EPD’s. If your focus is finding high growth, frame and the ability to put on pounds of meat, we also have cattle that will meet that need.

For the 2014 & 2015 breeding seasons we added bulls from four strong outcross bloodlines to expand our pool of genetics. Each of them were Polled, with low or moderate birth weights and high growth. They were sons of well-known A.I. sires Redeem, SHF York, Trust 100W and Cracker Jack (their first daughters have calves now). For the 2016 and 2017 breeding seasons we added two more new herd bulls, sons of Revolution 4R and Hyalite OnTarget, as well as using some strategic A.I.’g on select cows and heifers. Our cow herd includes a strong base of 719T grand-daughters, daughters from past high growth sires Marshall & Burley 444, and most recently our 1st calver daughters from the new bloodlines. These steps have allowed us to maintain and continue to build a strong cross-section of traits and bloodline bases for both new and repeat customers. We currently have 9 Active Dams-of-Distinction in the herd, along with 30 Daughters/Grand-daughters of DOD’s, showing the strong maternal herd that we have built. Hereford and Hereford-cross calves are gaining in demand each year because of their profitability and success of using Hereford bulls on black or other commercial females. To see values in cross Herefords with other breeds, you can view the results of an independent study results on – ’The Impacts of Crossbreeding on Profitability…

Demand for good Hereford genetics continues to be strong, and many people like to shop early for best selection. Many bulls and heifer calves have ALREADY been SOLD for 2018 breeding seasons, but many other excellent options still remain. Look below to see details on the Bulls and Heifers that we currently have available. Give us a call, or come by to look at them if you are within driving distance. If you would like additional information, photos or videos, just let us know what additional information you would like. We offer early reservations for 2018 possession, so you can lock in your choice, and we will feed them until you take possession. Call Marilyn 319-269-3146, or Doug 563-380-5656, with any questions, for pricing, or to discuss what you’re looking for.

A few good bulls have been carried over from our Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 calf crops, so we have a strong group of up-and-coming 2-year-olds that can handle good sized groups of cows. We also have a solid group of Fall 2016 Yearling bulls available. All of these bulls will be ready for service any time in 2018. Also take a close look at the strong Spring 2017 Bulls. A good variety of bulls are available, whether your focus is strong calving ease, high growth, or the best of both. A variety of bloodlines are represented, so whether you are a new or repeat customer, we should have several options to choose from. Read thru the details below, look at the photos (and videos when available), and also refer to the ‘Lenth Herefords Bulls For Sale – Comparison and Stats Sheet’ to see a side-by-side comparison of the bulls and their specific traits. Once again we offer early Reservations, and several bulls have ALREADY been reserved for 2018 Breeding seasons. Lock in your choice while selection is at its best, and with a down payment, we will feed your bull(s) until you’re ready to take possession. Discounts are given for earlier possession on the older bulls, too. All bulls must pass a breeding soundness exam before you take possession, and we offer the standard American Hereford Association breeders guarantee on all bulls. Call Marilyn (319) 269-3146 for pricing, with any questions that you may have, or to reserve any of the bulls for immediate OR later possession.

We’re very proud of the deep set of Spring Heifer Calves that we have to offer this year. Whether you’re looking for high quality replacement females, or show heifer prospects, we have options for both. As we have in the past years, Once again we offer a 3-tiered price structure. Level 1) You pick them up (or we deliver) in Fall 2017 after weaning; Level 2) We continue to house them through the winter and up until late Spring 2018, with possession before summer breeding; Level 3) We keep them clear through summer of 2018 getting them bred A.I. or to our herd bulls (working with your desires and calving targets), with possession in Fall 2018 after confirmed pregnant. We have already selected some heifers to keep back as our own replacements, and several heifers have already been reserved by some shoppers who missed out last year and wanted to act extra early this year. Shop early – and lock in your choice(s). Call Marilyn at 319-269-3146 for more information, pricing, or to set up a time to come look at these heifers!

This nice group of Fall Open Heifer calves is as solid and deep as any we have offered. They are available now as Open Heifers, or they can be reserved as Bred Heifers, left with us to be bred to our bulls this coming winter, taking possession in the Spring of 2019, for Fall 2019 calving. Call Marilyn at 319-269-3146 to discuss.