Let’s get real, guys oil and gas rules front and center for colorado lawmakers following prop 112’s defeat – fort morgan times gas water heater reviews 2013


"Governor-elect Polis has said that he will honor the will of the voters, and with Colorado voters soundly defeating this extreme measure in strong bipartisan opposition, we hope that’s true on this issue," Haley said last week. "Colorado’s oil and natural gas companies are committed to Colorado, and to adhering to the toughest regulations in the nation. electricity voltage in canada I believe that if we work together we can avoid the extremism that Colorado voters clearly rejected."

Voters rejected Proposition 112 by a margin of 57 percent to 43 percent. austin electricity outage The measure would have increased the setbacks for new oil and gas wells to 2,500 feet from any building or waterway in Colorado, a jump from the current 500-foot (homes) and 1,000-foot (schools) setbacks that the industry said would remove so much land from drilling and fracking that it would effectively shut down new extraction in the state.

Becker said it’s too early to say whether any legislative fix would involve larger setbacks and if so what the distance might be. ortega y gasset The better solution, she said, is a more comprehensive one that involves addressing air quality, water quality and establishing a plan to clean up "orphan wells" — wells that no longer have an identifiable owner.

Holding Democrats’ feet to the fire will be those who have been pushing for tougher regulations for years. nyc electricity cost per kwh Anne Lee Foster, who headed Colorado Rising in its efforts to get Prop 112 passed, said the measure managed to get nearly 900,000 votes from Coloradans on Tuesday despite facing a $30 million effort by the oil and gas industry to defeat it.

Shares of several energy companies rose the day after the election, following the news that Prop 112 had been defeated. gas city indiana car show Denver-based Bonanza Creek Energy Inc., which has wells in Weld County’s Wattenberg Gas Field, saw its shares shoot up 12.1 percent. gas in back shoulder The shares of Extraction Oil and Gas, which has applied for permits in Broomfield and Commerce City, rose 8.6 percent.

Kelly Nordini, who heads Conservation Colorado, said she will be pushing the legislature to let local governments set their own rules and restrictions on oil and gas development, including setbacks. In the last few years, courts in Colorado have consistently ruled that the state holds sway over local communities when it comes to setting regulations.

The city of Westminster won a rare tussle last week when an oil and gas company dropped plans to drill wells under Standley Lake, a water source for 300,000 people in the metro area. Highlands Natural Resources Corp. voluntarily withdrew its application after it received harsh comments from the public on the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s website.

Polis appeared to support such an approach in an interview with The Denver Post, though it’s not clear what would need to happen at the legislature to make that work. While the governor-elect opposed Prop 112, he said he looks forward "to working with neighborhoods, local governments and any oil and gas (company) that wants to get ahead of these issues — and not risk the existence of their industry in the ballot box every two years — to try to find some common ground."

LOGIC, she said, will push for various reforms in how the oil and gas sector operates in Colorado, including an attempt to address forced pooling and a redefinition of the mission of the COGCC, the state’s regulatory body. gas out game rules While Prop 112 was ultimately unsuccessful, Loflin said it was a useful prod in the larger and ongoing debate over oil and gas production in the state.