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This explains why AIA has attracted only three regularly scheduled international airlines servicing the airport on a limited basis with their smallest long range aircraft: the mainland of SVG, as beautiful as it is, does not gas 2015 have the attractions, particularly miles of pristine white sand beaches fronting shallow aquamarine waters, to make it a popular or appealing mass tourism destination, features of nature that would never change.

Air Canada out of Toronto now has twice weekly static electricity definition physics service to SVG for part of the year on aircraft carrying 136 passengers; Caribbean Airlines, servicing AIA from New York once a week, with additional flights during the Carnival season, has a fleet carrying a maximum of 154 passengers; The new weekly American Airlines service from Miami lands on planes carrying up to 128 passengers.

Heading into AIA’s third year, CEO of the SVG Tourism gas x dosage pregnancy Authority, Glen Beache, has a public duty to challenge these figures, as optimistic as they are, if he again believes they are incorrect, as he opined about those in a similar opinion piece last year, by supplying the correct ones. Otherwise, readers may assume that silence means assent.

(1) https://www.liat gas bijoux discount code.com/index.html; https://www.anna.aero/2018/05/25/liat- capacity-decline-barbados-leading-airport-service-st-vincent-top-ranked-route/; (2) 80 percent annual load factor; (3) 20 percent tourist factor; (4) 50 percent tourist load; (5) 90 percent annual load factor; (6) 65 percent annual load factor; (7) 34 percent tourist factor power company near me.

The estimated 2019 annual “load” numbers in column 4 in Table 1 – the actual number of seats likely to be occupied are: (1) a reasonable 80 percent for LIAT (based on its leading regional place in the airline’s seats filled), (2) an equally realistic 90 percent for the Air Canada flights out of Toronto, and (3) a somewhat inflated 65 percent for the Caribbean Airlines flights from New York City.

Based on the 77,457 total visitor air arrivals electricity lesson plans 4th grade in 2017 and the projected rise in 2018, and optimistically assuming the same 4.2 percent rise for 2019, it is possible that about 82,500 true visitors, namely people who have permanent residence outside SVG and are traveling to the country gas and bloating after every meal on holiday or for some other reason, will land at AIA in 2019. These passengers would represent some 49.1 percent of the 168,099 estimated 2019 landed passengers (“load”).

Of the 18,374 total foreign tourists (column 6), it is again deliberately overestimated that half would stay on the mainland rather than being in transit to their final holiday destination in the Grenadines, the location of our largest and best hotel stock, on small commuter planes operated by SVG Air and Mustique Airways or by ferry from Kingstown to join the multitude of airborne visitors gas leak in car who reached the cays from other destinations, both regional and international.

The most optimistic assumption of all is that of the 1,987 non-LIAT mainland tourists (column 7), half would have declined to holiday on St. Vincent Island save for the alleged “convenience” of flying non-stop from 66 gas station near me Toronto, New York, or Miami. This translates into less than 1,000 additional foreign tourists, a pitiful 1.2 percent of the 82,500 visitors expected to land in 2019.

Beyond a doubt, “speedy” and “strong” are not the same thing: as Table 1 shows, of mainland tourists and other visitors, 87.4 percent would continue to arrive from Barbados, St. Lucia, and Trinidad in 2019 “slowly” and “weakly” using our old workhorse LIAT. If SVG Air, Mustique Airways, and other carriers were factored in this figure would approach ideal gas questions 90 percent.