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I am hearing more people talk about a variety of health problems. They mention they are tired of the doctors appeasing the problem with medication and not why they are now having these problems. Smart meters are being installed and can cause a host of health problems.

In 2014, a smart meter bill was introduced in the Iowa Legislature. The bill stated that utility companies could not install a smart meter without consent; they had to remove smart meters free of charge and could not charge customers for not wanting one. This bill protected the people of Iowa. Why didn’t our legislators move this bill along?

Vermont legislation eliminated smart meter opt-out fees. Currently, there are bills in Montana, Missouri, New York, Maryland, South Carolina, Michigan, Oklahoma, Maine, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Massachusetts to require utility companies to offer free opt-out.

New Mexico’s Public Regulation Commission for the Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Alamogordo, Las Vegas, Silver City, Lordsburg, Clayton, Deming, Ruidoso, and Tularosa areas has denied smart meter installations due to no public benefit and not being in the best interest of the public. California has 57 ordinances that are banning or criminalizing smart meter installations.

If smart meters were in the best interest of the public, they would sell themselves. Plus, you would not have so many states and communities speaking out in regards to them being no benefit, a hazard and costly. There would be no need to force them into installation by installing them without the customer’s knowledge or consent. There would be openness instead of secrecy.

Smart meters are health, safety and appliance hazards as well as surveillance devices that violate the Fourth Amendment. They also violate Iowa Code. Smart meters are being installed in towns and rural areas. Once you realize you have one and don’t want it, you may possibly opt-out for a fee. In some cases, the different meter isn’t a true opt-out. A true opt-out is health, privacy, safety and appliance safe. Plus, they may call the fee something else on your bill.

Is forcing people to pay a fee to not be harmed legal? Calling something by another term other than what its real purpose for being there is deceptive. Plus, utility companies do not have the right to install a harmful device on your property, charge you to make it safe and call it something else when they bill you.

If you choose to pay this fee and have the wireless one replaced, it may be replaced with another digital meter that could still have wireless or power line carrier components that still cause harm. If this happens, this isn’t a full opt-out meter. Yet, you are charged as if it is. This shows preference over a fully safe meter and wrongfully penalizes the customer. Utility companies across the nation are realizing opt-out fees are wrong and are not charging their customers to use safe meters, even mechanical analog meters.

Smart and digital meters violate the law by way of causing harm and collecting data about the customer. Utility companies are only supposed to provide a service. I have sent letters to the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives, the Iowa Utility Board, my utility company, all the board members, Iowa Representatives and Iowa Senators.

‘Smart’ is being forced upon us. If you cherish America, you will let your voice be heard. That is what makes America different from dictatorial countries. We still have a voice. However, we are surrendering it by not speaking out when something is wrong. If we don’t, we voluntarily surrender our health, privacy, safety and nation.

With ‘smart’, everything you do minute by minute is sent to a data bank. Our government can sanction all your private information at any time and it can be hacked. You may not think this is anything to get upset about, but if you do nothing there will be a day when you will wish you did. Then, it will be too late.