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I have recently started to research my family History. I have never known my fathers side of the family as I was placed in to the care of Manchester City Council, and spent most of my early life in different homes. My recent research has led me to the Tarleton, Sollom, and surrounding areas. I have visited the St Mary’s Church, Rufford where my ancestors are buried. v gashi kenga e zagrebit A few things I have noted is that most of these family members were Farmers or in related agricultural jobs. This is something I have always been interested in and in fact I have gained certificates when younger with the young farmers association, so it seems that I have something in common with them. I am interested in trying to find out if there are any living relatives still in your area who have any information or memories about the family. My Father was one R Ashcroft who was the son of William Ashcroft 1900-1981 I have only got his Mothers name which was Jane Ashcroft born 1873.Jane’s parents were Philip Ashcroft Born 1846 and her mother was Ann Ashcroft born ( nee Pye ) 1844. I also have a Sophia Ashcroft born 1860 who married a William J Rimmer who was also born in 1860. I wonder if you could put this on your letters page or notice board as I would be most grateful for any information at all, especially if I knew I had living relatives in the Rufford, Sollom and Tarleton areas. My phone number is: 01616130684

Myself and Bill Taylor who is from Canada and who has asked for help on this site before are looking for a certain family from Tarleton. This will show Bill that he does have relatives in England and he thought that they were all in Canada. We are looking for the family of William Johnson who was born in 1876 in Hesketh and was the son of Maria Johnson. He married Mary Johnson from Tarleton in 1898 and by the 1911 census they had seven children – the first of whom named Henry Taylor Johnson after his brother Henry Taylor who had died in 1896. They lived on Fermor Road, Tarleton where he was a market gardener. Then we are stuck because the 1911 census is the last one available and there are a lot of Johnson births in the area. Any information would be very much appreciated. Also what newspapers would obituaries be in and where could we see any electoral rolls? Bill is descended from his brother Nicolas Taylor who emigrated to Canada with his brother and parents and my family is from his uncle John Johnson.

Her only son, Stan, was born in Tarleton on 30 Nov 1916 and died in Pembrokeshire ,Wales, on 18 April 2002. He became a potato farmer, who earlier served as a Captain in the Duke of Lancs Yeomanry [Royal Artillery], mainly in Italy. This was a TA unit before the war, I think based in Preston or Ormskirk. Joe Finney [Tom’s brother] was in the same unit, I believe.

My great grandfather, James Taylor, lived most of his life in Middleton, Manchester. However, his death certificate says that he died on 22nd October 1917 at “The Delta, Hesketh with Becconsall R.D.” By then he was a 76 year old widower. Can anyone please tell me something about The Delta? Was it a residential home or hotel, perhaps? Any information would be gratefully received.

I have been working on my family tree for quite some time and have a great deal of interest in Tarleton and its church records, can anyone tell me why there are no Marriage records for the period 1753-1822 for St. Mary’s, was there a fire or flood that makes these records non existent. gas mask bong review Also i have noticed that there are no Burials after 1883 were they done at another church other that St. Mary’s.

My name is Michael Lee and Tarleton has a very special place for me for several reasons the first being that my family tree has been traced back to Thomas Leigh 1754 and there after its hard to find any more info due to the lack of available records, and the split between Leigh and one family member who left home at an early age and when the census was taken he spelled his name Lee, and secondly I have been honoured to have transcribed all the "available" records for St Mary’s church, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, I have done this transcribing through the Lancashire Online Parish Church (O.P.C.) site.

Here are some of the names I have in my lineage. William Taylor (1857-1931) and his wife (Mariah Johnson (1857-1915). Henry Taylor (b.1834) and wife (1) Mary Iddon (1836-1861), wife (2) Margaret Dobson (b.1830). James Iddon (b.1811) and wife Mary Ashcroft (b.1813). William Taylor (b.1809) and wife Dorothy Duckworth (b.1811). Henry Duckworth (1772-1853) and wife Rebecca Duckworth (1785-1857). types of electricity generation William Duckworth and wife Margaret Whittle (married 1772), and James Taylor and wife Betty (dates unknown). William Johnson (1820-1901) and his wife Alice Hornby (1826-1908). William Johnson (b.1841) and his wife Margaret Mayor (1790-1851). Edmund Hornby (1805-1880) and his wife Sarah Wignall (1804-1870). John Hornby (1761-1841) and his wife Alice Mayor (1765-1848).

I have recently returned to southport, after retiring from work. During the 1980s I began a genealogical journey to find out about my forebears. I was stymied because the registers for "the old church" would not be released by the Lancashire record office. the helpful staff did do some investigation for me, but your website has been wonderful in this respect.

Your earlier posting of May Cropper’s old photographs [ see below] has produced another result. I have received an e-mail from Caroline Johnson, who though she now lives in France, where she is a professional artist, is the grand daughter of Elizabeth Johnson, born Tarleton 1889. Elizabeth Johnson’s mother’s brother was Matthew Sutton Iddon, who was a Mariner and Caroline has sent me an excellent old photograph of him which I attach.

Because of her experience as a portrait painter (and hence facial features) and familiarity with style of dress in the 1800s, she has been able to identify the man with the ship painting in May Cropper’s photographs as Matthew Iddon’s father Thomas Iddon (though it could possibly be Thomas’ brother William). She believes she has also a photograph of Thomas’ brother Hugh, who was also a Mariner. Since I am busy researching the maritime history of Tarleton and Hesketh Bank this is like the gentle lifting of Pandora’s box lid – pictures and stories.

I have traced through the 1911 census that my Nana (Margaret Cropper) was born to Richard and Martha Cropper who lived on Shore Side and had several children called John, Ellen, Richard, Alice Ann and James. Ellen was an Assistant Housekeeper (aged 20) and Margaret was a domestic servant (aged 15). Did they work at the same place and where could that have been in Hesketh Bank?

I am going through the effects of my late father and have found an early WWI postcard, addressed to an Arthur Pickup Esq who lived on (no number) Hesketh Lane, Tarleton. v gashi The card is clearly from a soldier, presumably a regular, or called-up reservist, who was undergoing training near Sevenoaks, Kent on 2nd December 1914. The soldier signs off as "T.K."

This may seem like an odd letter and it is, in a way. It has nothing to do with any relatives from Tarleton but a friend of my late brother Eric. I grew up in Southport and came to Canada with my late wife, Jean in 1952 age 24. I am now 82 and like many older people I think about happy times in my life. I suddenly started to hum "Doll Dance" and my present wife Ella and I did a little dance to it!

It reminded me of my late brother’s friend Eric Hind who would come to our house and with the greatest of ease sit down at the piano and play for us. The above named was one of the tunes I remember him playing.I also remember "Nola" but can’t bring the tune to mind. physical science electricity review worksheet I know that some families in England stay in or near the lovely quiet little village where they grow up. So, I thought, if "big" Eric (to distingiish from my brother who was very short") had any descendants still living in the area I would like to tell them what a lovely man Eric was and what a great deal of pleasure he gave us when I was growing up.

The genealogical events in our household over the past few days have been frantic and exciting. With the discovery of one Thomas Leadbetter, son of James Leadbetter and Ann (nee Lloyd) I managed to at last key into the expansive Leadbetter tree as published by Frank Leadbetter in 1992. With this came the knowledge that my 10th great grandmother was Margaret Banastre (born between 1587&1590) of Bank Hall, Bretherton. I would dearly like to know whether anyone has completed a comprehensive tree of the Banastre family as it promises a route to the Norman conquest, no less.

May Cropper was a resident of Hesketh Bank 1909 to 1982. Her nephew Tom Cropper has in his possession 140 photographs left by May and most of the people in them are identified. However some are not, and Tom and May’s great nephew (and Godson) David Edmondson, neither of whom now live in the village, are trying to identify who the people in them are. Can you help?

May was fairly well known in the village being School Mistress at Banks school, County Councilor, England hockey player, and not one trying to go unnoticed. She had plenty of photographs around her house and always had a selection of family pictures on display. So it is likely that quite a few of the unidentified ones are her relatives/ancestors. They are likely to have been involved with the Methodist Chapel. May’s parents were Thomas Cropper and Elizabeth Porter, so both Croppers and Porters are likely to figure. The older photographs will be beyond the memory of anyone alive now, but maybe you have seen similar old photographs. They are characterful snapshots of past Hesketh Bankers and too good to just throw away for lack of identification. Have a shot.

1. May Cropper Hockey Player: We know who this is, it’s May Cropper (1909-82), May played in the first Hockey League International played in this country when England beat Scotland 3-1. Mary Wignall fellow player in the Hesketh Bank team had also trialed for the England side. It has been said, rightly or wrongly, that the Hesketh Bank club played on the Sports Ground on Station Road where the tennis club was (and the second bowling green now is) but does anyone know anymore about the club and its players, and how seemingly uniquely this small village team managed to be ‘punching above its weight’ at hockey. Oh, and whose that peeping around the corner?

15. Chapel Dignitaries: The lady is Jane Cookson, nee Porter, 1881-1964 who was May Cropper’s aunt and looked after the chapel buildings for many years. la gas prices now Cecil and Evelyn Cookson think the man in the hat is Bob Wright but can’t be certain of the names of the two Ministers and the other gentleman. Someone out there must have confidence in their memory.

This is a "long shot" but perhaps you might be of some assistance in tracing a Mrs Margaret Coulton – who in 1986 had an address at : 142, Station Road, Hesketh Bank, Preston, PR4 6SR. To the best of my knowledge – and personal memory – Mrs Coulton was related (a niece I think) to a Capt. Arthur Wignall who was killed in an air accident at Sligo Airport, Strandhill, Co. Sligo, Ireland on April 1st 1984. [MARGARET HAS NOW BEEN IN TOUCH WITH JOHN – EDITOR]

We, at Sligo Airport, are holding a commemoration ceremony (25th Anniversary) at Sligo Airport next Sat (Apr 25th) which will be attended by a large number of the aviation community in Ireland. Capt Wignall – born in Lancashire I believe – was a former RAF pilot, an Aer Lingus captain and a champion aerobatic pilot – regularly competing in the Ireland, the UK and Europe in the early 80’s. Mrs Coulton attended his funeral in Dublin – he is interred at Sutton cemetery on the outskirts of Dublin – and she subsequently visited Sligo in 1986. I met her then and she wrote a thank you letter to me in July 1986 – which I have just found containing the above address. I have had no contact since.

My great grand father Mr. Kala Khan and his two nephews Mr. Hadatulla Khan and Mr. khan Ali Khan did job in British Army. They were Tailor in British Army (Royal Artillery). Mr. Kala Khan (Tailor Master) did job in British Army for about 21 years. They performed his services in unit of 10 BATTERY R.A (1892 – 1898), 12 BATTERY R.F.A (1898 – 1902), 78 BATTERY R.F.A (1903 – 1913). His two nephews (Mr. Hadatulla Khan & Mr. Khan Ali Khanalso) performed his services.

I am researching my family tree. gas 99 cents My grandfather on my mum’s side was Thomas Fazackerley who originally was born and lived down Blackgate Lane, Tarleton and who features in your Rector’s Letters section from during the war years. He then married Betty Bond from Holmeswood and they then lived down Sugar Stubbs Lane at Banks and then eventually moved to Glebe Lane at Banks. Can anyone provide me with more infomation about my grandfather’s family? I know his mother was Elizabeth Fazackerley.