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It is a scary fact that Trump treats our two greatest and most dangerous enemies better than our historically best allies such as Canada, Mexico, and the NATO countries of Great Britain and Europe. Remember Trump’s first summit with Kim Jung Un, psychotic dictator of North Korea? Trump came out of those meetings claiming the nuclear threat from North Korea was over. They signed some kind of an agreement electricity images cartoon to meet again, but nothing else was accomplished. They met again recently with Trump walking away like a spoiled child, probably stomping his feet.

Again, no progress for us. Since then our intelligence shows nuclear armament activity in North Korea has resumed. Trump has given Kim a seat on the global stage without accomplishing anything. The first summit with Putin was equally unproductive with the two leaders meeting privately at times with only Trump’s interpreter present, and he took her notes away from her afterward. Trump continues to believe Putin about Russian interference in the 2016 election over our 17 intelligence agencies that claim there is no doubt. He continues to belittle our great institutions such as the FBI, DOJ, State Department, etc., which our great democracy depends upon. Congress would not approve money for Trump’s wall, so he declares a national emergency.

Cultivating a reputation for on-time reliability and intuitive creativeness, Hal became a member of Phil Specter’s legendary LA session group, The Wrecking Crew, which included bass/guitar session great, Carol Kaye (one of the few female session players of that time), a lick for every country guitarist Tommy Tedesco, and at various times Earl Palmer, Barney Kessel, Plas Johnson, Al Casey, Glen Campbell, James Burton, Leon Russell, Larry Knechtel, and Jack Nitzsche.

Hal played on Herb Alpert’s A Taste of Honey, 1965 Grammy record of the year; Sinatra’s Strangers in the Night, 1966 Grammy winner; Up, Up and Away, by the 5th Dimension which won Grammy of the year; Elvis Presley’s “Return to Sender”; the theme from “Batman; Sam Cooke’s “Another Saturday Night”; The Byrds’ “Mr. Tambourine Man”; The Monkees’ “Mary, Mary”; the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds; the iconic kick and snare riff that opened the Ronettes’ early ’60s anthem, Be My Baby; and Barbra Streisand’s “The Way We Were” among hundreds of others.

These are capricious times, a time like no other in my memory. History is being made daily directly in front of us, and it’s not to our benefit. Our democratic way of life is being threatened by incompetency, and unless there is a total disinfection at the very top of our government, we will end up struggling e85 gas stations in ohio with health care, proper education, and immigration laws. What I have mentioned is but a scratch on that landscape called life.

As you travel through the days and nights that tell the story of your life, remember to exercise your right to vote. That simple act is the main reason why people all over the world are clamoring to live here. Remember my words: there is no threat from immigration. On the contrary, it is our very life’s blood. This country was built by immigrants who together pooled their knowledge to achieve the life we enjoy today.

Today we are standing witness to one of the greatest slight-of-hand schemes in the field of real estate, and it involves the property called Southbridge Mall. This current City Council has gerrymandered a losing proposition without “due diligence, resulting in dumping millions of dollars into a property the city does not own, then further committing the taxpayers to a costly lease arrangement that is tantamount to a criminal act. This council has sold out those living here without a second thought.

I would like take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the state, county, and city snow plow drivers for their efforts since the Sunday, Feb. 24 blizzard. The trifecta of heavy rain, then 9 to 16 inches of snow (who could measure?), followed by 18-plus hours of 45 mph wind left all roads, streets, and alleys a disaster. What happened in the next couple days was miraculous – calling it a “job well done” is an understatement. Your tireless efforts are very much appreciated. Kudos to each and every one of you!

I hope that this weather event serves as a lesson to the people that did not heed the (days in advance) warnings to stay off the roads. The gas constant for helium number of people stranded on the interstates and highways was astounding – and 100 percent avoidable. Keep in mind that dozens of people risked their own lives rescuing others. It never should’ve come to that. When forecasters and law enforcement officials issue warnings and say travel is not advised, they mean it. Let’s be smart and listen next time, folks!

Congressman Delaney is from a blue-collar family and gas and water worked hard to create two successful businesses. He was then elected to Congress and successfully united leaders from both sides of the aisle around infrastructure, climate change and supporting veterans. Delaney has thoughtful strategies to achieve universal, affordable healthcare and lower prescription drug costs; to improve education and rural infrastructure. Delaney understands we need a 21st century immigration system to fill the jobs America will create and keep our economy growing.

John Delaney is the only Democratic candidate for President to visit all 99 Iowa counties since 2007 for the simple reason that he is committed to listening to Iowans. John has earned endorsements from Iowa Democratic County Chairs in Mills, Wayne and Van Buren counties because Iowans recognize his integrity and vision for our future. I hope you will get to know John Delaney – I believe he is our best candidate to win in November and to move our country forward again.

The Iowa Senate must change course and explicitly adopt long-standing rules that enable public access to the legislative process. During week one of session, several Republican-controlled Senate Committees declined to amend the rules that have protected public access to subcommittee hearings for 15 years. The decision not to abide by those long-standing norms means that 24-hour advance notice of hearings have been jettisoned in favor of back-room dealing.

The move by the Senate is a direct attack on rural Iowa and anyone living outside the metro. Most Iowans can’t simply jump down off the tractor, close down their small businesses, or abandon their children to drive to the Capitol to claw their way into the democratic process. They need notice to plan, ample time to consider the legislation, and ample time to contact their legislators.

Organizations like the Iowa Environmental Council and our members are also victims of the Senate’s move to squelch public discourse. Groups like ours, which provide a voice for many Iowa voters regardless of the size of their megaphones or checkbooks, have every right to know in advance when hearings are taking place and must have the opportunity to advance our members’ positions.

I recently stepped in and became involved when an elderly friend told me that he thought that he was being taken advantage of while residing at a care/mental health facility in a nearby community. I soon discovered that he was not the only person being exploited. Sadly, this happens throughout the U.S. and is quite common. An ex-president once wrote that a society is ultimately judged by how well or how poorly it treats its most unfortunate and vulnerable citizens.

Under our current leadership at both the state and national levels, Americans appear to becoming more and more proficient at using d cypha electricity futures these members of the USA. Welfare and entitlements should not be confused with genuine, quality care. Instead of simply putting these people down, as was Nazi Germany’s solution, we exploit and use them as huge money-makers for a corrupt system operated and well-managed by wealthy, educated and greedy gastritis individuals devoid of conscience. These so-called health care and medical professionals have perfected the art of creating loopholes in order to rip off insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid and private payers. For so many, this has become standard operating procedure. Unnecessary tests and surgeries are performed routinely because they are so hugely profitable.

Climate experts agree that climate change is real and is mainly due to atmospheric heat trapping from rising atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Fossil fuel burning is the primary cause of this rise. In addition to the effects of rising temperature, climate change includes changing weather patterns and rising sea levels. Climate change has caused more damaging coastal storms and historically severe Western forest fires. In Iowa, four or the five hottest years on record occurred in the last five years.

What can you do? Tell Sens. Grassley and Ernst and Rep. King that this is a very important issue, and you want them to take action. Consider asking them to back the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, which was introduced in the House and Senate by bipartisan sponsors. This is a market-based comprehensive measure, as opposed to multiple regulations. It calls for a fee on fossil fuel extraction. This will encourage energy conservation and will accelerate the move to alternative energy sources. All revenue from the fees will be returned equally as a dividend (rebate) to all households to offset higher costs.