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First know Drew is in good spirits. He is acting just like his normal, fun self!!! I will share an example in a couple paragraphs of Drew being himself. electricity projects in pakistan Also know our family is in good spirits, including Elder Haley. We were able to get special permission to call Elder Haley in Argentina and tell him personally of Drew’s situation. It gave all of us great comfort,and to Elder Haley as well, to talk to his brother and know all will be okay.

To further explain the initial knee trauma while catching a pass and being tackled in the football game. Drew suffered a complete and violent knee dislocation. gas density problems Every knee ligaments was torn. During the knee dislocation his knee-cap collided with the top of his Tibia bone resulting in a Tibia Plateau fracture. At the same time and most importantly the Popliteal Artery was damaged. The Popliteal Artery provides blood circulation to the lower leg and foot.

In cases where Popliteal Artery damage is known, surgery to correct the blood flow is performed within the first 6 hours for increased odds of full-recovery. Nobody knew the Popliteal Artery damage occurred until late Friday (8/31) night, early Saturday (9/1) morning. Call it 28 hours after the initial trauma before the artery damage was detected. gas in chest As soon as the damage was known the medical teams began the process of flying Drew (and Alison) to the University of Colorado hospital in Aurora. It was early Saturday morning, 30 hours after the initial trauma when the surgery to repair the artery began.

Early Saturday afternoon after a 6 plus hour surgery, the Vascular surgeons, and Orthopedic Surgeons talked to us. The Vascular team reported they took a vessel from Drew’s left leg to replace his Popliteal Artery in his right leg in an attempt to restore blood flow below his knee. They stated three of the four muscle groups in Drew’s calf did not respond to stimulus. electricity flow direction Meaning they were already dead. Hope was not lost because the largest muscle group did respond and was still alive. The Orthopedic team stabilized Drew’s leg using rods so he would avoid damaging his new artery. Immediately after the surgery a pulse was easy to find in his foot. By 6pm Saturday the pulse was missing again.

In the early hours Sunday (9/2) Drew watched while the ICU nurses checked his foot. electricity electricity song After the nurses left he bravely told Alison “I’m going to lose my leg.” Later Sunday morning a difficult conversation with the Vascular surgeons reaffirmed Drew’s statement. electricity generation capacity They confirmed Drew will require an amputation of his lower leg. As sad as Sunday started, the day ended with a large surplus of love, support, and an abundance of small miracles witnessed. Heaven poured out blessing upon our family, specifically Drew and his care providers.

Now about Drew being himself. Monday morning the Vascular team came to check on him. They asked “How does your foot feel?” Drew, being Drew answered matter of fact, “It’s dead, there is no feeling.” Alison and Drew’s nurse were chuckling, while the doctors looked at each other a bit confused. I think they were trying to figure out if the reply was a positive sign. Absolutely, it was. Drew was being Drew!!