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Great color and crisp images… I needed a new monitor for my new computer setup. I have worked with two monitors in past setups but wanted fewer, well everything. Which brought me to the world of Ultrawide. LG is not the only player in town for these beauties, but they were one of the best companies still offering flat versions rather than curved models. I need a flat version as I do design and the curved screens have issues with precision when working in design elements.

Out of the box it was easy to get put together. The only issue with these monitors is that windows does not natively support them so it took a little bit of searching to find the correct combination of drivers. Once that was installed I was still unable to get the full viewing area of the monitor which I found out is due to the cable i was using. You must use a HDMI cable rather than the display port connections. I am not sure why this is, but once i hooked up the HDMI cable i was able to view the full display.

It is super clean looking, nice and bright with serious levels of black. It is an HDR display not 4k, but it will upscale a little if you have a GPU that does it. This monitor also has the AMD free sync which was one of the other selling points to me as I have an AMD GPU that I have paired with it. I do not do much gaming and havent ran any games on it yet, but I am very confident in it displaying my games with little to no loss even playing at ultra specs.

I highly recommend this monitor for most uses. It is new, with some older tech which is fine for my needs as I do print graphics on it mostly and we dont have 4k printers yet. One of the bonus features to this monitor is the internal speakers. They have partnered with Wave Labs, which if you are into audio production you will know that they are a professional level audio company. The speakers are pretty loud for internal, and very clear. Don’t try listening to dub-step full blast and expect deep bass, but basic vocal videos and office volume music is great!

Mine died in less than two weeks. It worked great for the first week after purchase. I was anxious to try this monitor out because I wanted something with simulated HDR to use with my Playstation 4 Pro. Despite the monitor being advertised as 1080p resolution, oddly enough my Playstation recognized it as a 4K display with HDR (I literally have no idea how to explain this). A few hours later and I was in gaming bliss. Note: For anyone looking to use the HDR feature on this monitor directly, the standard HDR setting looks terrible when you select it as a standalone option. However, once I enabled HDR in-game, I was introduced to additional settings with HDR such as HDR Vivid which dramatically improved the overall visual quality! This seems to carry over to movie content as well.

All-in-all, the picture quality is definitely on par with the asking price. However, a few hours after connecting the display to my laptop and it had some type of power failure. It still turned on but I had no on screen display or any signals from any of my inputs. Some quality control would be nice!

As far as the monitor’s physical features, it’s basically just cheap plastic. If you saw the picture online, you know what you are getting. No fancy metals or metal paint – the back of the monitor is white and medicine cabinet colored. If you VESA mount it, the screw holes in the back of the monitor do become easily frayed, so be cautious.

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