Lg electric dryers dlex3570v 7.4 cu.ft. ultra large capacity electric steamdryer™ with nfc tag on lg canada types of electricity pdf


I like it pretty well, but…. This dryer is very solid and quiet, which I do like. I have two "concerns" with it, and one of them may be on me, admittedly, so I need to call customer service. That first one…I feel like my clothes come out wrinkly…which is exactly how they are not supposed to come out. Even using the wrinkle-reducing settings they just seem to come out crinkled or crushed together. Note – I am definitely not putting too much in it (it holds a lot). The second one, which I was a little hesitant about before purchase…and it turned out to be true. The water dispenser vs. having a direct water line is kind of a pain…especially if you were doing a lot of laundry (which I’m not). It seems like even with doing just a couple of loads per week that I’m forever filling the water tank for the steam. It would be nice to have a constant supply of water to it so I don’t have to mess with it. Plus, you have to fill the reservoir pretty slowly because of the debris filter you have to fill it through (in theory…the top does come off, but you want to protect the insides from sand, etc. getting in there). Other than that I’m very happy with it. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Discover the amazing features that put LG dryers in a class of their own: Gas & Electric: Select from an array of dryers with gas or electric options, including steam electric and steam gas connections. TrueSteam™ Technology: Select LG laundry dryers generate real steam to reduce wrinkles and odors, and practically eliminate the need for ironing. SteamSanitary™ Cycle: With a high temperature perfect for killing germs and gentle on delicate, "non-washable" materials, this innovative feature lets you sanitize everything from stuffed animals to decorative pillows – directly in your laundry dryer. Sensor Dry system: Our Sensor Dry system measures the moisture and humidity levels during the cycle and automatically adjusts the drying time to ensure you get dry laundry every time. ReduceStatic™ Option: Simply select the setting and virtually eliminate static cling when you remove your items from your clothes dryer. LG Large-capacity Dryers: At 7.1 cubic feet (large) and 7.4 cubic feet (ultra-large), LG large-capacity dryers let you dry more clothes in fewer loads. NeveRust™ Stainless Steel Drum: Available on select laundry dryers, this stainless steel drum will dry your clothes efficiently – without accumulating rust with age. LG dryers come with a host of resource-saving features designed to suit your family’s needs and make doing laundry easier. From the SteamSanitary™ Cycle, which kills germs while protecting your most delicate fabrics, to our Sensor Dry system, which measures the moisture and humidity levels in your dryer – and adjusts the drying times accordingly, LG laundry dryers allow you to dry your clothes quickly and efficiently. In addition to dryers, we also offer a full range of top-loading and front-loading washers, as well as washer-dryer combos that are perfect for homes where space is at a premium.