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A good, solid performer that I’ve owned this watch for nearly a year now, and having been very much someone who "wanted " a smartwatch rather than someone who actually "needed " one, I have to say that on the whole the experience has been a great one. So much so, I don’t think I could go back to not having one now.

Nearly a year in and I still love the watch. I have quite thin wrists, but although the watch has quite a chunky design it actually fits around it pretty well. The leather strap is holding up well and, surprisingly so is the buckle which is made of plastic and looks like it will break the first time you use it. The buckle is actually surprisingly sturdy and nearly a year into ownership is still holding up just fine considering I do take the watch off, and put it on again, a couple of times a day.

Battery life I find to be more than reasonable, I can usually get two days from the watch before it needs a recharge, this will of course depend on usage and what apps are running, but generally 2 days is the norm. Note that the watch charges on a base unit, which is pretty lightweight, and means of course that you can’t charge the watch without it. If you are a heavy user of the watch this might will cause a problem when it comes to recharge if you don’t carry the charging base with you. The battery charges pretty quickly though, even off a USB connection from the computer.

The watch is pretty durable, resistant to day to day knocks, and although I don’t routinely wear it in the shower the few times that I have, or that I have been out in the rain, I have had no problems with it’s water resistance. One thing to bear in mind though if you do wear it in such situations is that it seems very susceptible to water droplets hitting the screen and turning it on. Turning it into cinema mode will prevent this, but that does in some way limit functionality.

One thing I do have problems with from to time is the placement of the selector button, at the three o’clock position of the watch face. As someone who wears my watch on my left wrist I do find that, if you have your hands in certain positions, then the button is pressed into your wrist and that will activate the watch, opening the app drawer, or in extreme cases turning the watch off. Also, I have had some issues with connectivity. 95% of the time it stays happily connected to the phone without any issues, however it sometimes is extremely temperamental and will refuse to connect at all resulting in requiring a restart or, very occasionally, a reset. I can’t be 100% sure this is an issue with the watch itself, it could just as easily be the OS, but it is something to bear in mind.

Overall though this is a great watch. Yes, it lacks some of the functions of the newer watches out there, but it’s a good, reliable item and, minor niggles aside, it puts in a solid performance. If you don’t like a chunky watch then maybe it’s not for you, but with that build comes a robustness that would be hard to beat with some of the slimmer designs out there I think.

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