Lg g4 unlocked android smartphone (us991) black lg usa electricity omd

100% chance of dying a horrible death I worked for two years as a phone tech, starting shortly before the release of this phone. I came to learn that it was only a matter of time (I’d estimate about a year) before this travesty of a phone crapped out at the motherboard level (meaning that there is no repairing this phone; if it goes, it must be replaced). The 1st run of G4s was recalled for a problem with the screen, which was resolved with the recall. The 2nd run, however, was recalled for an issue that caused the phone to periodically crash and restart, eventually getting so bad that the phone would go no further than the LG logo screen before rebooting again. The recall completely failed to solve this problem. If you have an LG G4, be very certain you’ve backed up any and all data you don’t want to be gone forever, and get a different phone as soon as you can possibly manage. Apart from that, this phone showed virtually no improvement in specs over its predecessor, the G3, which was actually a really decent device (I owned it for two years, then sold it to a family member after I upgraded, and it’s still in good, working condition).

Change the way you connect along with the freedom to choose more carriers and stay connected with an unlocked LG G4 smartphone. With the LG US991 G4 Unlocked in Black, you’ll get a revolutionary phone that makes it easier than ever to capture — and share — life’s best moments as they happen. Just a few of the features available on this LG 4G unlocked phone include:

Ergonomic Contouring: Subtly curved, the US991 unlocked LG G4 phone in Genuine Leather Black fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and gently hugs the face — making it as comfortable to use as it is stylish. Plus, with its intuitive rear key, you can make quick adjustments even while the phone is in use.

Pro-Quality Rear Camera: The 16 MP rear camera on the LG G4 factory unlocked US 991 gives you the power to snap high-resolution photos quickly, and ability to use its F/1.8 lens and manual mode to adjust the shutter speed, ISO and white balance to your liking.

More Memory: Because sometimes you need access to large files, or need to store more music and photos than your device’s memory can hold, we’ve included a microSD™ card slot that can accept support cards with up to 2TB of space. (MicroSD cards are sold separately.)

Removable Battery: Our 3,000 mAh battery is designed for long-lasting power, but if you just can’t wait for a charge, it’s also removable — which makes it easy to drop in a charged spare G4 backup battery and go with the use of a G4 battery charging cradle. (Backup batteries are sold separately.)

The unlocked LG G4 black leather phone (US991) is innovative, beautiful and easy to use. Designed for seamless access to your favorite content, with pro-quality cameras, a stunning display and more memory and power than you ever thought possible, the LG US991 unlocked gives you everything you need to make life good. For even more options and extras, browse our newest collection of mobile accessories and make your phone your own.