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I purchased this appliance in the Fall of 2014. So far we have enjoyed the refrigerator & not had a repair. The fridge has been here long enough for me to see how the features work. For the most part, this appliance is thoughtfully designed. I’ve kept the front plastic on the doors to keep it clean and protected from scratches. There are occasional sounds from the fridge like a muted humming or when ice is dropping; these are intermittent, not bothersome. 2 filters are needed for this appliance, water and air filters. I subscribe to the automatic 6 month program for the 2 filters, which is much easier than having to run out and get them or reorder each time.

The left side refrigerator door has the ice maker and cold water dispenser on the outside of that door. The ice maker does crushed and cubes of ice. Those 2 features are especially appreciated. Inside the left side door is the actual ice maker, where you can see the mechanism for ice production. Since the ice maker is in the left side door, that door is thicker and a little heavier than the right side. That door has what I will call a folding flange vertically down the front which opens as the door is closed and seals the space between the 2 French doors. It’s important to make sure the top of the flange slides into its little housing, at the top of the fridge, as you close it. This is usually an automatic action on the part of the fridge but occasionally you have to manually slide it. This flange does a good job of keeping the food inside fresher for a long time.

There is a lot of room in the fridge, it can accommodate lots of food; the storage is on shelves, drawers, door shelves and a very large cheese drawer the entire width of the refrigerator. I use that drawer for mounds of cheese, yogurts, flat breads, wraps, yeast packets, deli meat and even pizza.

The bottom freezer is a feature I was looking for because it’s more convenient for me to reach in and find what I’m looking for. There is a large top drawer in the freezer, which holds many large and small items. The major storage area of the freezer is divided into 2 spaces probably 2/3 rds to the larger area and 1/3 to a smaller section, both accommodate groceries galore.

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