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Great when it works. We purchased this oven after a lot of research and great reviews on this model. After a year and a half of use, the oven stopped working properly. The repairman came out and discovered the fan was not working properly which was causing the flames we had seen inside the oven. Until that point, the oven worked great and was easy to clean with the various cleaning levels you can set (depending on how dirty it is inside). I bake a lot of sourdough bread and ciabatta and so loved the results. When it was working, the oven was consistent in the heat and helped with a really great crust.

After a month of no oven, we are still waiting on parts. The initial call was a bit annoying. The LG person wanted to use our extended warranty even though we had purchased it through Costco which gave us 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty. He finally let go of his insistence and went with the manufacturer’s warranty. After the repairman found that the issue was the fan, we went back and looked and found that other Costco members had been having the same issue. The stove top works great and heats evenly, but the knobs are extremely easy to turn on which results in an inadvertent gassing if you are not very careful. Other customers have been finding the same issue.

Hi glima. We are not sure what your plumber is asking when he asks for the total BTU rating for the LG 6.3 cu. ft. Gas Slide-in Range with ProBake Convection® and EasyClean®, Model # LSG4513ST. The Broil Element has a BTUh rating of 14,500 BTU for Natural Gas and 12,500 for Liquefied Propane (LP) Gas, the Convection burner is 19,000 / 17000 (NG/LPG), the Cooktop burners are: Left Rear (BTU) – 9,100/ Right Rear (BTU) – 5,000/ Left Front (BTU) – 12,000/ Right Front (BTU) – 18,500/ Center (Warming Zone) (BTU) – 10,000 (Oval Burner). The owner’s manual says to install a male 1/2" or 3/4" flare union adapter to the NPT internal thread of the manual shut-off valve, taking care to back-up the shut-off valve to keep it from turning. and to install a male 1/2" flare union adapter to the 1/2" internal thread at the inlet pressure regulator and to use a backup wrench on the pressure regulator fitting to prevent damage. These instructions can be found on page 17 of the owner’s manual for the range oven. You can download and printout a PDF copy of the manual from the oven’s support page on our site at http://www.lg.com/us/support-product/lg-LSG4513ST#manuals for him to refer to the diagram shown on that page…^IFV

*Compared to LG’s conventional ovens **As of June 2015. Heavy build-up may require additional manual effort or use of the full self-clean feature ***As compared with other LG gas models. ****ADA – COMPLIANT FREESTANDING SLIDE IN RANGE – LG freestanding slide in range feature touch controls that meet ADA requirements by being positioned on the face of the unit, allowing for easy forward reach and are operable with one hand and require no more than five pounds of pressure. Inside, all racks are designed for easy front access, and are adjustable for loading flexibility. The controls are located on the front so they can be accessed without reaching across hot burner. In addition to meeting the standards applicable to the product’s controls, ADA standards for accessible design are in part dependent upon the height at which a range is installed. LG’s freestanding slide in range can be installed at various heights to reduce bending and stooping. If knee or toe space is provided, it must be insulated to protect against burns, abrasions or electric shocks. Follow up with your appliance installation professional to ensure your freestanding slide in range is installed at the proper height to meet the ADA’s other applicable standards. To be considered ADA-compliant, a freestanding slide in range must meet the following requirements: • Maximum high forward reach for controls and operating mechanisms is 48""; maximum low forward reach is 15"". • Controls and operating mechanisms must be operable with one hand and shall not require tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist. The force required to activate controls shall be no more than 5 lbs. • The location of controls shall not require reaching across burners. • If knee or toe space is provided, will be insulated to protect against burns, abrasions or electric shocks.