Lg magic remote control for select 2018 ai thinq™ smart tv lg canada e gaskell


Great idea but falls short You can tell this remote was designed by engineers and not users who watch TV via a Cable/Sat box. Magic Remote is a great idea but gas quality comparison…. HOW do you not have a dedicated DVR, exit, fast forward and rewind buttons? The most used buttons on a remote. Instead we have a dedicated LIVE ZOOM button which you might use twice in 10 years and 4 colored buttons that do nothing and can’t be programmed. Come on LG put some ergonomic thought into the Magic Remote. Did you gas explosion not get the memo that 80% of shows are now watched on DVR or streaming?

In the least there should also be an onscreen app to Program or Reprogram the buttons of the Magic Remote. Terrible thought, engineering and execution went into this product that could be FANTASTIC. On the Plus side navigating thru WEBOS is a breeze with the Magic Remote and works like a PC Mouse. Magic Remote is quick, responsive, just too bad the most common buttons used on a remote were replaced with non functioning buttons. [This review was collected as part of a promotion astrid y gaston lima menu english.]

Difficult to get universal remote programmed My TV provider provides a cisco TV top box which brand was available on the device list but that choice did not work the remote. After contacting Customer Service I had to choose not on the list and in the next step I had to try one program at a time and each time test to see if it would work the top box. FINALLY, after trying each one, I was up to #48 (yes, I tried EACH one) and it worked the TV box somewhat but the guide it displays is for another TV provider so all the listings had different channel numbers. If I go back gas explosion in texas and try to find a perfect program number (God knows how many there are) I will be surprised if I don’t have to start all over again from #1 again………………very frustrating. All this was to obtain the voice-to-remote convenience which it works the box somewhat. I made sure I got the model number from the Cisco box but nowhere could I enter it. I suppose LG can’t do that part for the customer, we have to do that on our own, by trial and error, one choice at a time. Come gas meter in spanish on, guys, even the old VCR remotes came with a list of what manufacturer’s remote codes (and the code numbers) work with their remote controls. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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