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Really wanted to like this washer, but… I had very high hopes for this after researching on various sites and reading good reviews. Unfortunately, my experience has been less than positive. First, it does a poor job of washing clothes. It is okay with things that are lightly soiled, however my work clothes, which are normally covered with bits of dried joint compound seem to be too much of a challenge. Joint compound is water soluble and has never been an issue with any other washer I have used, regardless of the water temperature. Even after knocking any of the bigger bits off before washing using the heavy duty setting, with an extra rinse, they still do not come clean. My other complaint is the residue left on any wash load, unless using the extra rinse option. Finally, the problem I am having now is the washer won’t finish the spin cycle no matter how the clothes are positioned. It keeps resetting back to rinse, unless I monitor it and turn it off, with very wet clothes to deal with. This is after just over 3 years of use at 3-4 small to medium sized loads of wash per week. The one thing I did like about it when working was the high speed spin. Clothes came out very dry, requiring very little time in the dryer to finish them off. The bottom line…I would not recommend this unless your clothes don’t get too soiled and you have a lot of patience and time. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Discover a host of innovative features that put LG washing machines in a class of their own: Advanced technology: At the core of our washing machines are features like intelligent LCD and LED controls and an intuitive Dial-a-Cycle™ function that helps take the guesswork out of doing laundry. TrueSteam™ Technology: Harnesses the power of real steam to eliminate dirt, odors and wrinkles – resulting in greater energy savings and lower water consumption than conventional washing machines. ColdWash™ Technology: Saves you money by using cold water, along with enhanced washing motions, to penetrate deep into fabrics for the same performance achieved in a warm water washing. WaveForce™ Technology: Rapid drum movement and powerful water jets provide a revolutionary washing and rinsing experience. TrueBalance™ Anti-vibration System: Reduces noise and vibration for smooth performance – in any room or floor of the house. With an LG washing machine featuring TrueBalance technology, you may even forget that it’s on. Large and Ultra-Large Capacity: Among the largest capacity washing machines in their class – large at 3.7 cubic feet and ultra-large at 4.3 – you can fit more into every load – saving time and energy. Slamproof™ Lid: With a top-load LG washing machine, you’ll also get a noise-reducing Slamproof™ Lid for a quieter laundry experience. LG washing machines come with a host of resource-saving features designed to suit your family’s needs and make doing laundry easier. From TurboWash, TrueSteam and ColdWash technology that can help you save time and energy while achieving a stunning level of clean, to our TrueBalance Anti-vibration System, which helps you enjoy a quieter laundry experience, with an LG washing machine you’ll enjoy a range of features designed to help keep your clothes clean and your home looking its best. Explore our full range of washers and dryers, as well as our space-saving washer-dryer combos, and create a laundry room that’s sleek, efficient and easy to use.