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In a larger sense, twenty-first-century California is starting to confront the real-life consequences of its own abstract ideologies — on several tragic fronts. electricity cost las vegas The nearly five-year drought taught us that entire communities and vast irrigated acreages could disappear if we ignored our forefathers’ warnings to keep building reservoirs, aqueducts, and dams commensurately with population growth, and to abide by the original rationale of these multi-billion-dollar projects. Open borders and sanctuary cities appear humanitarian, but when the result was the arrival of millions of impoverished immigrants without legal status, English fluency, and high school diplomas, state resources once prioritized for roads, bridges, canals, reservoirs, and airports were directed to accommodate vast expansions of social-welfare programs. The idea of ending close state supervision of those suffering from psychological disorders and mental illnesses, when combined with strict zoning and environmental laws that stymied new low-cost housing construction, led to hundreds of thousands of homeless living on the sidewalks of the state’s temperate coastal cities, from San Diego to Berkley. Medieval plagues like typhus and infectious hepatitis are often the result.

Documentary exposé on the ongoing Constitutional crisis of the usurpation of the office of the President of the United States. gas laws worksheet pdf Discusses previous ineligible candidates as well as a candidate that has already filed with the Federal Election Commission for the 2012 election, knowing he is not eligible but admits the Supreme Court will do nothing to stop him. gas bubble in back VIDEO

Yes, a cowardly Supreme Court—perhaps wanting to avoid nationwide riots—ignored the eligibility issue when it refused to hear Kerchner v. Obama. The Supreme Court often ignores the Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, and Tenth Amendments as well—but that does not mean we should quietly accept the loss of our liberties. gas and supply locations The words of our Founding Fathers were clear. electricity production by state So are mine: do not give up the fight for liberty.

Orly Taitz, Esq. 5/19/13: "Let me remind you that in the past 5 years some 45 licensed attorneys filed legal challenges against Obama. Out of 45 only 2 attorneys: myself and Attorney Klayman continue the fight. electricity storage handbook If you count all the challenges and all the cases in the courts of appeals and challenges in front of elections commissions, I had some 40 cases. Mr. Klayman has only 2, both of which were dismissed by the lower courts and they are now being appealed.

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