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Hailing from the Hellenic art capital of Thessaloniki, LIEBE released their debut album ‘Club Royal’ in 2010. Their second album ‘Somewhere in Time’ came out on Undo Records back in 2012 and really did as the title suggested, harking back to a period when Giorgio Moroder and Bobby Orlando were models of dancefloor cool. Sitting on that difficult bridge between pastiche and post-modern, LIEBE’s love of synthpop and Italo disco continued on their third album ‘Airport’. Electricity estimated bills The lead single ‘I Believe In You’ imagined PULP’s Jarvis Cocker joining PET SHOP BOYS circa 1987 and was accompanied by an alluring promo video which gained traction on MTV Europe.

Their most recent album ‘Revolution Of Love’ developed on the sunny, holiday vibe of ‘Airport’ and has won the duo some new fans including Rusty Egan. We think that our music is not dance music, some songs have a high tempo but the core and melody gives more of a radio pop friendly character. ‘Flamingo Nights’ is a different side of the music we like.

Power outage houston report We try to sometimes sound a bit different from our main electropop sound. Eur j gastroenterology hepatology impact factor It is a song written in an easy listening mood with us thinking of Burt Bacharach and Stan Getz. Main musical influences? Hmmm…

from disco to easy listening and electro 80s music to indie pop and new wave, both of us like similar bands and sounds. In Greece, the sun is shining a lot and gives us a feeling of a free spirit. Gas efficient cars under 10000 With a more easy going style of everyday life, the music we make could lead to bossa nova and easy listening summer grooves.

Speedy q gas station But unfortunately our music is full of dark and melancholic areas with slow drums and chaotic synths… it’s not the sunniest music you can hear. We both like PULP and sometimes we pay a bit of a tribute to the voice and maybe some lyrics. Storing electricity in water That had more of a preaching style, but there is some Jarvo into it. Italians do it better I suppose, this 70s piano music that makes the people dance is back in a fresh new edition.

Electricity laws in pakistan A flashback to music is always welcome, especially with such super sounds. It’s just another song we have written for our third album, I can say that it has all the elements and sounds that LIEBE is fond of. Gas constant in kj Thank you for the compliment, but it’s hard for us to rate and to put in a favourite scale to our songs, but it is definitely one of our favourites.

We asked a dance school to make a choreography for the song; the idea was to make something different from our other video clips and to avoid our own main role on the screen. Electricity and circuits The girls did a fantastic job and gave a nice view to our music. SARAH P. Gas 4 weeks pregnant who was in KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS says there is not much of an electronic music scene in Greece, what do you think and how has that helped or hindered you? Music in Greece or the music industry in Greece is pure Greek lyrics and R‘n’B, hip-hop and traditional bands.

Electricity definition science There is a music scene in Greece playing pop, indie, new wave and electro but the audience is limited. Electricity history pdf Radio, TV and magazines give a poor recommendation to bands like that.

K electric bill payment online However, we have an international view for our music. Your most recent album, ‘Revolution Of Love’ perhaps has an indirect political message too? Has the economic mood in Greece had any effect on the music you make?

Things in Greece over the last few years are not the same as they used to be. Gas house edwards co The bad economy gives a really hard time to the society and us. Gas variables pogil key The idea was to make a revolution made by love and for love, let’s make a revolution for a good reason, pure and crystal love with a will not for a need, but peace and togetherness. Save electricity pictures The problems in our country had no effect to our way of writing songs and to the feelings behind them.

‘The Box’ has these synths and pianos of Jarre, but the chorus goes a bit NEW ORDER in their ‘Regret’ era. Electricity lab physics With dark and big synths, it’s one of our good ones in our live set. It’s our dancey song on the album, a bit of PSB kind of singing, like telling a story about flirting in a bar under this music. Electricity and magnetism worksheets 8th grade The end has a more classic summer feeling with the trumpet leading the way to the end. Dim is writing songs for his personal project, in a dancey, slow disco, funky style with some Italo moments. Gas under 3 dollars I make some pop songs, indie stuff and a bit of easy listening guitar music. At the moment, we are rehearsing with a drummer, guitarist and trumpet player to make a full live band for our forthcoming live shows.

Electricity in india travel I hope one day we will play in UK, but until then, all the best… Site: