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Walter and Yesenia had to cancel the study on Thursday because Walter had to take his mother gas apple pay to the capital (5 hour bus ride) to work on some paper work. Walter’s father passed away last November of a heart attack. He was a policeman; therefore, Walter’s mom has pension benefits, but it will take a few trips to the capital to get it all scheduled. Everything is centralized here, with a lot of paper work and official stamps. Our lawyer friend says that the whole process will take a year. We were really disappointed that they cancelled because not only it was our last study for this trip, but also, they were finishing a course, and gas 2016 we had printed certificates for them, just to encourage them.

We had our last couples meeting Saturday night. The study was about Ephesians 5:21-6:9, all about relationships. There is a lot of strife and unforgiveness in this little town. We pray that the Holy Spirit will change hearts. Only He can do that. At the meeting, we also discussed our retreat in August. We already have reservations and a date: August 10-11. Please pray for gas x extra strength vs ultra strength that.

Saturday night we continued with the study on Ephesians. We talked about being light. I had a chance to talk to Miguelina about supporting her husband if he wants to serve the Lord. I pointed out that there is no perfect church and no perfect pastor (sorry, Pastor D). I also pointed out that they have had a lot of serious problems since they stopped attending church. She agreed with that, but I did not get a commitment from her. The Lord has to work on her electricity in costa rica for travelers heart.

On the subject of the bus to church, we had the pastor and his wife for dinner on Monday. They told us that that particular bus was sold. They bought a van, but it needs to pass all the government inspections to be ready for the road. I still hope that Ricardo will take over that ministry when it comes available. We had not connected with the pastor for a long time; therefore, we had a lot arkansas gas association to talk about. It was nice to catch up.

On Sunday electricity electricity schoolhouse rock afternoon we took two families to the movies: Walter and his family and Christian and his family. We saw How to Train a Dragon 3. It was a nice movie. Everybody enjoyed it. They took hoodies for the girls to wear in the theater because the A/C is too cold for them. When you live in 90° weather, 78° is freezing. Before the movie, Walter’s oldest daughter was crying and complaining of a tummy ache. I think the excitement of being at the movies was too much for her. John told me to pray for her gasco abu dhabi careers, so we did, right in the lobby. After the movie, I asked her about her tummy and she said that the pain had gone away. So, I told her to always remember that prayers work.

We had Christian and his family over for dinner gas city indiana car show one night. I was making chicken in the oven; unfortunately, the oven shut down and locked itself up. I was able to open the door after pushing cancel a few times, took the chicken out and finished it in the microwave, but, as you know, the microwave does not brown; therefore, I had to put the chicken on a pan to brown it on the stove. John thought we were all going to die of food poisoning, but I assured him that the chicken was indeed cooked, just looking gas tax nj a little different. It seems that the oven will not work when the temperature is 400° or above. They loved dinner, and took the left overs home with them, since I knew John was not going to eat any more of that chicken.

This trip is different because we were not able to schedule more individual bible studies, due to the fact that I was sick the first three weeks, we lost momentum. We feel a little off, not doing as much as we are used to do. We know that it is all in the Lord’s hands, since it is His work anyway. We need electricity through wood to trust that He is really in control, and we are not.

As you may recall, there was a general strike starting as we were leaving the country last September. The strike included all public school teachers. It lasted four months. By the way, nothing was accomplish by the strike. The legislature voted to curtail expenses across the board to balance the budget; otherwise, the country was going broke.

Since the school year runs from February to December here, students lost half a year. We thought that electricity vs magnetism venn diagram they would go back to school at the end of the strike to make up the time lost, but no, they had to have their summer vacation (Dec – Jan)! They just promoted everybody to the next grade, graduated all students who had a passing average before the strike, and went on to their summer vacation. Amazing! The new school year just started on Wednesday. I think that they will have to teach electricity electricity song what they missed. Teachers said that students will have extra gas equations chemistry homework. A lot of kids will fall further behind. As a teacher, I am alarmed. I see a whole generation at a disadvantage.

We started bible studies at Walter and Yesenia’s. They are just little sponges. Everything is new and interesting for them. Last week we talked about giving your testimony, and this week we talked about the ordinances. The lights went on when they realized that, if baptism is a symbol of the new life in Christ, baptizing babies does not make any sense, since they cannot gas prices map make a decision for Christ. We just love spending time with them around the Word because they are so enthusiastic and receptive; however, it looks like this will be the only individual bible study that we will have on this trip, since I was sick and couldn’t get the schedule going.