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I am biased. I love NB and I am a river rat. The Comal no electricity jokes is calmer than the Guadalupe with only two areas The Chute and The Rapids that are definitely whitewater. It’s great for kids that are strong swimmers and all adults (my grandmother loves it). Use caution both areas have whitewater and can be scary for little ones. (At the Chute and the Rapids you can get out and walk around them or you can buy a wristband and just keep going down.) First, a tuber need a tube and can rent them anywhere. Get the ones with the bottoms. You will save yourself tube rash gas meter car under your arms and behind your knees. I suggest one of the places on the Comal so you can jump right in. They will then pick you up and return you to your place or origin. It’s all gas what i smoke included in the tube rental. There is plenty of overnight lodging on the river. There is also a place next to The Chute you can eat, hang out and u gas station float. The water is beautiful and crystal clear. Stays constant 72 all year round. Ask float times – if the water is low it will take much longer. If the river is moving, it’s the most relaxing day you will ever have…..Bring your coolers. NO GLASS. Wear shoes of some sort no bare feet (you will thank me). Yes it is crowded during the gas 87 89 93 summer but regardless you will still have a wonderful time.

We go every year at least once and have never had a problem. Unfortunatly this is not true for the last time. It was packed and we ended up having marijuana smoke blown in my 9 year old brothers face. The man apaologized to little dude and one of the girls in his group said He needs it. I smoke it everyday. Give it to him! We ended up in a near fist fight after she tried to attack me after gas stoichiometry calculator I told her That explains a lot! (even with officers standing right there on land, who did nothing even when their attention was gotten.) Of course this is no ones fault but the group of seven, extremly high 20 something year olds. Then my family of five became seperated going down the chute. I went down and my sister came down next (we ended up waiting 20 minutes for my mother, brother, and exchange student to finally come down) when I reached the end gas constant in atm of the chute the current carried me to the wall where I slammed into the area just under the two life guards gas works park events chairs. They were both texting so it was no wonder they didn’t see me flip from the force of hitting the wall and not come back up! I ended up getting caught in the current and was unable to come up. For about a minute. Some how I managed to come back up. Look at the life guards, who at this time were standing up and looking at me. I screamed at the top of my lungs for help and saw them both us electricity hertz sit down before being pulled back under for another several minutes. My sister who is half my age noticed I didn’t follow her down the river further and came back with her tube and got back in. Thankfully she saw a dark 9gag instagram shadow and my empty tube and pieced it together. Some how she managed to pull me out of the water one handed by my hair and throw me on her tube where I was a mess as I threw up water. When I looked back at the life guards they were still texting away. The life guards that they pay to have posted are crap here and the water can easily get rough and people flip and lose stuff all the time going down the chute so I suggest if you go you wear a life jacket even arkla gas pay bill if you’re a strong swimmer….also if you find my camo/ favorite hat with several pins on it……that would be great.