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My husband and I also bought into this. We made sure to listen very carefully and ask lots of questions so we knew exactly what we were getting into. We thought it was too good to be true, but the sales reps were very convincing, assuring us everything was legit. From the very first time we tried it, we’ve had nothing but problems! We were promised VIP treatment and accomodations anywhere we went, at least 50% savings on flights, and that we could book in as little as 3 days in advance(except red times of course). Well, IF you are able to get a room at your chosen location, it is a FAR cry from 5 star VIP service!! And, I found cheaper flights than the customer service reps could. When I asked about the cheap flights we were supposed to get (first class!!!) she told me that basically all they do is search the internet for the best deals, the same thing I can do myself electricity questions grade 6, and everything was economy class. So, we don’t get cheaper flights than anyone else that can search the internet, we don’t get 5 star VIP treatment and accomodations, and it’s almost impossible to get a reservation anywhere!!! These are just a few of the promises that were made to us and turned out to not be true. This is definately not something I would reccomend investing in!!

I don’t know what level of membership you have, I am a platinum member with unlimited use of villas when available. I have yet to have a problem booking for a villa with some notice, I mean 3 months. Of course Christmas time is booked 1 year out but that is understandable. As far as the promises, I know you can promise me the world but unless it is in black and white and signed by all parties it is nothing but a sales pitch. As far a 5 star treatment, I can’t say enough about how we were treated both times that we have returned. We have also booked for December and March for villas. As far as villas not available 10 months out, right now there are villas available starting in September going to December 15th or so and again from January 5th onward. As far as them honoring what was promised the only issue I had was that when I asked for a 5 bedroom villa I was told that they can;t guarantee me that. I advised them that it was in my contract and showed my rep and she agreed and stated that worse case scenario they would give me two villas if they could not give me a 5 br. villa. AS far as the sister resorts, I have to say RCI is useless. I tried to Arizona reservations for 1.5 yrs out and could not. Anyway the bottom line is you have to read before you sign and not listen to promises of salesmen.

@mark Well I also got a membership and you are talking about whats written black on white and I can tell you that even what is written they don’t respect. They gas vs electric heat cut our access to many of the restaurants, they cut your access to a VIP beach … As for plane reservation we found real good prices to fly to Puerto Plata but a reservation takes anything from 1 month up to get an answer so when you finally get your reservation booked the plane deal is gone. They always told us not book our flight before they have confirm our reservation but they never confirm in time.

We are 6 friends that have a membership and we all have gas tax deduction the same treatment ([censor] treatment) It is marked on our contrat that we can invite as much as 8 persons and they would get the same VIP treatment as we get but not even a year after we got our membership, we brought some friend along but they had to pay extra for VIP treatment or they would have to be as normal travelers. The daily price for the all inclusive wich is stated (in black on white) on our contract went up to almost double in just one year but in your famous black on white contract it is said that my rate was frozen and would never go up… I could go on and on like that but I will make it short, all that is on the contract they don’t give a damn and when I tried to see the manager he would not accept to meet me so I waited and caught him as he was walking out (the back door of the tower) and I asked him why he would not meet with me so he could explain why all those changes and instead of accepting to talk to me I was told that if I did not leave him alone I would be kicked out of the site. Me and all 6 members that are my friends. It is a big bunch of SH…T

I also am finding out the extent of the lies and misconceptions told to us when we bought our weeks as well with Lifestyle Holiday Resorts. It looks like they promise the same things to everyone. Me and my wife actually did this 2 years ago on our honeymoon, it was a our first big purchase together, and boy am I regretting it. Customer service is terrible to deal with and do not answer any questions directly. I have been sticking to our contract as a source of information trying to use that to work with them. In the mean time by reading over it again and again realized that some things are just not going to happen. It is a problem too because they are located in the Dominican so to call them will cost you just to wait on hold for 5 minutes or more. We are at the end of our payment plan as of June, that should have been our last payment. Recently looking at our card activity, I see that I was charged recently this month, so now they are taking money from me. If I do not make any progress I am going to be forced to cancel my card so they cannot take anymore money out, but I worry about making to rash of decision and it effecting the results. We have yet to use their services, and looks like never will, because of varying reasons, but we were hoping to plan a trip for orlando electricity providers next year, that was when we started to realize what we truly had gotten into. At this point I would just like to return everything, since we havent used any of our weeks and just get our money back. I have a feeling that if I get any money back it will not be anywhere close to what we paid. If any one has any suggestions on how to get from under hp gas kushaiguda phone number this company I know I would appreciate it and I’m sure others would as well. The best thing we can do is warn others and try and get the word out to help others not make the same mistake. Hopefully it will eventually catch up to the company and force them to make changes.

Folks … VIP Lifestyle is a scam job. They are not honest with you right from the beginning. We sat through their presentation, and they quickly requested a 56% up front payment and the remaining to be charged monthly on our credit cards. In addition, if we didn’t sign immediately, we were told that the prices would increase the following weeks. What legitimate business runs a scheme like this? They also refused to give us a contract copy to review for at least 3 days before committing to sign. Again, what were they afraid of? They showed a beautiful 2-bedroom apt in Cabarete, Dom. Rep. and claimed they owned the whole complex (from studios to penthouse) and promising to rent any of the rooms for as long as you wanted. The truth is they only owned one apartment in the whole complex and used it as bait to tempt unaware people to push their vacation packages. This is almost like a ponzi scheme. Some legitimate original owners in this complex are worried about VIP Lifestyles offices existing in their premises which might negatively affect their condo value. Look before you leap into this deal!

We too have been scammed and I have been fighting it for almost a year now. We bought villa and the platinum package. We were told we had unlimited weeks and could come anytime, with the exception that Christmas was difficult to book. We were also told that our two timeshares were being bought by them. After several emails and heated conversations with customer service, I was told well we gave you a credit for your other timeshares. I know owe two years of back maintenance on the other timeshares. On top of all of this we put $11, 000 down and are paying $110/month mortgage payment. One important thing to note…when they were telling me no villas were available, I thought I would check with RCI. RCI had 4 villas available. I called back to customer service and was told if I booked it through RCI I would have to pay the $5, 000 plus all inclusive fee and not the $210/week fee. Again, very heated conversations and emails. 14 months later after the initial purchase I received a 40 page contract versus the one pager that was given to me at the time of the purchase. I have just spoken with an attorney who advised me that since the payments were physics c electricity and magnetism formula sheet coming out of FL…the estate of Jesus Garcia in Miami, to call the attorney generals office for florida. If anybody has had luck with getting their money back…please let me know!!