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Initially, (months ago), I reluctantly activated my membership in Austin, Texas. I use the word "reluctantly" because of the fact that a co-worker of mine, who was an active member and had recommended the club, was paying an overall lesser monthly fee that what I was quoted at the time of sign up. Guessing that he had signed up on some sort of "special", as many of the salesmen often call it, inquired about my new membership anyway.

During my initial conversation with the Lifetime salesman, I specifically asked about using more than one location, – primarily San Antonio and Austin. He informed me that there would be an additional monthly fee, but it would be possible. I elected not to has a "muti-location" account, because the "basic" monthly package’s monthly fee would be in excess of $50. (!) (The higher monthly rates were justified by indoor water slides, overpriced sandwich shops, etc. – None of which I had a use for.) I also inquired about a couple of different scenarios. One of the scenarios would be the situation were if I relocated my residence to San Antonio. If I use the SA location, and the SA location alone, would my monthly rates increase? The salesman stated that they would not.

Fast forward to this month: After inquiring to not only their SA location, but Lifetime’s Austin location as well, they have firmly stared that my monthly fees would increase, for USING SAN ANTONIO ONLY, not Austin. I’ve been to the SA gym, and it’s the exact, same lay out. – Explain the rationale. I even suggested that I add a member to my membership, But they required more "processing fess" (money upfront) and over $100 per month!

Needless to say, I abruptly canceled my membership. I will contact all of my associates, -personal and professional, and urge them to do they same. I will also inform anyone who inquires, as I am often approached, to STAY AWAY FROM LIFETIME FITNESS.

I was a member of Lifetime years ago and finally got disgusted with the outragous cost and the continual crowds at the Orland Park, IL location. I constantly felt like I was waiting for rides at Disneyland thanks to lines forming for all the weight lifting machines on a continual basis especially after New Years as all the New Years resolution idiots would join. I tried going there at all different times of the day and it was continually jammed, so that was my primary reason for dropping my membership.

I also agree that staff there was really rude as well as other members, but that just more or less goes with the territory when dealing with Orland Park (Rude people), so I didn’t think to much of it. After being a member there for over 2 years and dealing with continual crowds, rude employees, kids continually crapping in the indoor pool, kids peeing in the hot tubs, and guys making messes in the showers and urinating on the floors in there making the showers smell like a sewer pipe, I finally had enough and dropped out. Lifetime did charge me a drop out fee though which I thought was lousy, but I’m at La Fitness now and never been happier!

These clubs has no membership caps, the more the "merrier". The equipment is dirty. In over 2 years I have never seen any weight machines getting cleaned, other than perhaps some superficial vacuuming. Some machines even smell foul. The "personal trainers" are a total joke, with a God’s gift to the human race mentality. I witnessed on occasion harassment, insults and even verbal threats directed at members. The facilities are overrun by out-of-control teenagers and the machines and free weights are limited with long aggravating waiting times. Break-ins and vandalism are often reported in the parking lot. An easy hit I guess?? I once asked the sales agent if I could have a weekend pass for a visiting friend. OMG, may lightning have rather struck me down. For 10 mins I had to listen how I was trying to abuse "the system" and there are "no freebies" However, he did offer me a "great deal" if my friend wanted to join. Why I waited so long before canceling my membership I don’t know. Perhaps I’m a sucker for punishment…you decide for yourself.

All gyms suck management wise, and lifetime fitness isn’t much better because everything from staff abuse to member abuse goes on in their facilities under the corporate stock culture logo LTM. To everybody who’s gotten a membership, and to everyone’s who canceled, their CEO Bahram Akradi is as crooked as they come.

All gyms do that 30 day thing and stuff. I think they consider themselves as leasing gym equipment, and that you’re providing their financing so they’re unwilling to make it less than difficult for you to leave, and that’s why the majority have you sign contracts and falsely claim trial memberships, but in actuality, it’s just a discount.

But back to Bahram Akradi. Without giving anything away, I’ll just say he’s a short little guy with a napoleon complex, and it makes it much worse that he’s from a different culture. So, you see, I was raised here in the United States, so I don’t go around blaming people for my problems like this guy does, but seeing as how attrition is the only governing factor and nobody cares how they’re treated because at most on a good day they can keep their jobs, and this is where the disturbing factors come in because he just runs off does anything he wants.

Without making a longer story short, I was standing right next to the guy, and the following time shortly there after all their employees mysteriously started harassing me and made me feel like I was being the blunt of a joke, so instead of actually fighting for my rights and demanding things like something should be done, the harassment ensued and in the following months thereafter a girl was found dead in one of their fancy dancy olympic sized swimming pools because of this. Soon there after I had to cancel my membership, since nobody there has a conscious and insists on covering it up. (Centreville, Va ;p)

Now, I’m not saying we’re perfect human beings, and everyone should just magically get along and agree, but this guy is a con artist and doesn’t accept responsibility for the way his gyms (I use the term his losely because it’s infact a public corporation and not a private one) are run.

He’s got that little temper of a short little colored man from a different country thing going on and has really no reason to be mad. This guys is one weird dude who can’t accept the facts of life, who can’t handle his job, and money grubs his shareholding stock all the way to the market. He’s like a plague, and everybody catches a disease when they’re around him.