Lighted snap frame – 16 x 20 – low profile – edge lit sf491620 emoji gas station


The LED Lighted Snap Frame signs measure 16 x 20 and makes a huge impact for your graphics. The tiny LED bulbs are very bright, energy-efficient low operating costs, and can last up to 11 years. A quick loading lighted snap frame makes your sign look professional and projects a bright, eye-catching image to your customers. Your sign is stylishly presented and easy to swap out with this front loading sign frame. Very narrow profile makes viewers wonder how it is lit. Edge lit technology

The lighted snap frame has an acrylic back panel that provides illumination to your graphic transparency. The bright illumination comes from tiny LED bulbs mounted along the edge of the acrylic perimeter. Thus it is named Edge Lit Snap Frames. Even lighting

The acrylic diffusion panel provides even light for illuminating advertising posters, signs and graphics. Some fluorescent light boxes are too bright in some areas and have shadows in others but edge lighted snap frames have even uniform, lighting with no hot or cold spots. Brightness, measured in LUX, is 1,200 – 2,500. Energy efficient

The LED bulbs are smaller and consume less than half the electricity than the T12 style fluorescent bulbs so you save money. Lighted Snap Frames last up to 11 years so you don’t have the maintenance expense of changing bulbs. There is a power supply with 78 inch cord that plugs into the lighted snap frame and 120V line. UL listed components throughout, for safety, transforms the voltage down to 12V DC output so power consumption is 10W. The tiny LED have 50,000 hours life. Changing signs is a snap

The quick loading snap frame is perfect for retail stores, banks, hotels, lobbies, offices, announcements, directional signage, photos, posters and price lists. All four sides of frame are spring loaded to snap open by hand without any tools. Simply flip open the edges, insert your sign, and snap shut. Your sign looks professionally installed and wrinkle free. Sign poster not included

The lighted snap frame holds a poster transparency either PVC, vinyl or something comparable. The transparency thickness should be no more than 1/16 inch thick. You or a local print shop can print your own poster from an ink jet printer onto a transparency material. Transparency not included. Select different colors and profiles

This snap frame for posters is made of a natural satin extruded anodized aluminum. The aluminum snap frame is manufactured with alloy 6063-T6, a superior metal for signage because of its strength, hardness and corrosion resistance. The silver finish is best when displaying your signs in windows or anywhere they will be exposed to direct sunlight because they dissipate heat and will not warp. The frame profile has a soft radius edged. The corners are precision mitered.

The lightweight aluminum snap frame is 1-1/4 inch wide and snaps back to hold paper, fabric or vinyl posters up to 1/16 inch thick. The sign frame is styrene backed and sits over a mounting cleat (included) so you can install to a wall either vertically or horizontally. The overall sign frame holds an 16 inches wide x 20 inches high poster. The frame margin is 3/8 inch all around by the frame and has a 1 inch narrow depth. For indoor use only.