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As a global leader in lightning and static protection, Lightning Master® has helped companies safeguard their buildings and other structures from the dangers of lightning strikes and electrical surges since 1984. We custom manufacture and install lightning protection systems, static control products, and surge protection devices that utilize the most advanced technologies available to keep our customers’ assets safe, and we back our complete line of innovative products and systems with world-class customer service. natural electricity examples Our products can be adapted for customers in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, mining, aviation, broadcasting, telecommunications, waste and water treatment, public safety, education, and entertainment, among others. And, we have a track record of success for providing reliable solutions to businesses across the globe, which has helped establish our company as a go-to source for lightning and surge protection systems.

At Lightning Master, we use a comprehensive approach to make sure our customers receive the highest level of lightning protection possible. Unlike conventional lightning rods, which channel a lightning strike’s electricity into the ground, the custom structural protection products we manufacture and install are designed to reduce the incidence of strikes occurring to a protected structure. origin electricity faults A lightning protection system from Lightning Master, which may include a combination of Streamer Retarding Air Terminals (SRATs), windsocks, candelabras, spot dissipators, In-Tank Static Drains (ITSD), and linear dissipators, can be attached to buildings, warehouses, tanks, and many other structures.

Another important part of protecting the key equipment and electronic systems at your facility is transient voltage surge suppression. Our line of industrial surge protection products includes high, medium, and low voltage arrestors for commercial applications, load cell protectors, data protectors, and our Ground Wire Filter™, which prevents transient electricity from entering your sensitive electronics through a ground wire.

If you are interested in finding a structural protection or surge suppression solution for your facility, Lightning Master can perform a site survey and provide an engineering recommendation to address your company’s needs. chapter 7 electricity and magnetism Once the elements of your system have been custom manufactured at our plant, our employees will provide a precise installation to ensure your goals are accomplished. Additionally, our quality control program will allow for follow up as needed to keep your system functioning optimally. electricity estimated bills Static Protection, EFR Tank Bonding & Remote Power Generator Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Lightning Master is also one of the leading names that companies in the oil and gas industry turn to when they are in need of static control products and external floating roof (EFR) tank bonding solutions. chapter 7 electricity test Our In-Tank Static Drain (ITSD) can withstand highly corrosive environments and neutralizes the buildup of static charge within a tank. We have also engineered the Moveable Arm Grounding System™ (MAGS ®) for EFR tanks to make them less susceptible to costly lightning strikes.

Additionally, we have developed a unique product – an In-Pipe Turbine Generator – that can provide a power solution for remote facilities that do not have access to the power grid. grade 6 science electricity multiple choice test Installed in a 2-foot section of stainless steel pipe, this electric power generator harnesses energy from the flow within the pipeline to continuously generate between 12 and 24 volts and power the equipment the facility needs to operate.

Established in 1984, Lightning Master® is a global, full service, static solutions, lightning and surge protection manufacturing company. We serve a wide range of customers including oil, gas, chemical and other industrial facilities. Our complete line of products, systems and consulting services are backed by our world class customer service. gas weed strain Our track record of success in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East has established LMC as a global authority on lightning and static protection.

No technology, service, or product can guarantee protection of persons or property from injury, death, or damage resulting from lightning, transient voltage surge or static discharge, and Lightning Master Corporation makes no such guarantee or warranty. In no event shall Lightning Master Corporation be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, including and/or arising in connection with, but not limited to: personal injury and/or death, punitive damages, loss of profit, damage to or loss of use of assets, loss of product or facilities downtime to the extent such damages result from lightning, transient voltage surge or static discharge.