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Scurvy is a disease that is brought about by vitamin C deficiency. The disease is characterized by repeated signs of mouth ulcers, cracked lips and bleeding gums. Since this is a disease brought by a deficiency, treating it is fairly easy since it constitutes including vitamin C into the diet. Lime water has high levels of vitamin C and can help you control and prevent scurvy.

The liver needs to be purified once in a while and lime water can help. It can also help regulate the production and flow of bile. It’s recommended that you drink some lime water when feeling nauseous so as to dilute the bile and reduce its potency.

Lime water and saliva have an extremely similar chemical composition. This males it great for digestion as it works just like your saliva to break down food. Lime water mimics hydrochloric acid which is found in the stomach and therefore helps prevent constipation and conditions such as diarrhea. In Ayurvedic medicine, a glass of lime water is recommended first thing in the morning to help stimulate bowel movement. This should be taken at least half an hour before the first meal, breakfast.

If you are looking for a great way to detoxify your body then you have an easy solution in form of lime water. Ayurvedic medicine used water to helps disperse toxins from the human digestive system. The foods we eat are filled with chemicals and these tend to build up within the digestive tract. This accumulation of toxins makes it harder to digest food. By detoxifying the digestive tract, you are able to boost digestion and reduce the toxic imbalance. That said; it helps to have a healthy lifestyle and avoid junk.

In case you are wondering phlegm is simply mucus. While mucus is not a bad thing, it can bring about discomfort when in excess. As we all know excess mucous can lead to stuffiness, a runny nose, coughing, snoring and even a headache. You can regulate the amount of mucous in your body by drinking a glass of lime water to breathe easier.

Lime water has been associated with weight control and this is because it helps in improving your digestion and metabolism. A faster metabolism leads to more efficient burning of calories and reduces fat retention. If you are looking for a way to enhance your weight loss regime, you might want to include lime water into your diet. Studies also show that drinking lime water before breakfast can help in deterring bingeing and also increase food satisfaction leading to the consumption of smaller portions of food.

Lime water is rich in magnesium which helps promote a healthy heart. Potassium can also reduce your likelihood of developing heart complications as it promotes a healthy heart beat. It can also eliminate plaque buildup which coats the arteries when you have bad cholesterol.

Lime water can help fight cancer thanks to its antioxidant properties. Flavonoids also have been known to halt cancerous cells by preventing their division and continuation. Science also suggests that there are other properties in lime water that kill cancerous cells.

Arthritis and gout can be fought with lime water. Vitamin C can eliminate free radicals in the body and reduce the pain brought about by these two conditions. Note that gout is brought about by toxic build up and the explosion of free radicals.

• Lime water is most beneficial without additives. If you must add a sweetener, use honey. • Light green lime fruits have the highest concentration of nutrients and are also juicier. The heavier the lime, the more juice it will produce. • Wash the lime thoroughly before cutting it to remove all traces of pesticides and dirt. • The seeds of a lime fruit are actually poisonous and could be deadly. Remove them when making your juice and do not chew or swallow them.