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Important: The scope of this page is focused on Linden Lab’s official Viewers, keeping in mind 3rd-party viewers may differ. gas dryer vs electric dryer calculator Cite sources and provide substantiation for limits that aren’t provided by Linden Lab. Also, unconfirmed speculation goes on this discussion page. Don’t add data without a hard limit, and don’t add obscure trivia that doesn’t practically affect the general inworld experience.

Number of offline messages (involving IMs, inventory offers, group notices, group invitations) received before messages get capped. Note: If autoAcceptNewInventory (debug setting) is set to TRUE (the default is FALSE), then all inventory offers, even above 25 (or 50 in the case of Premium members), go directly to inventory and do not count against the cap on offline messages.

• There was discussion in the Third Party Developers’ UG (4/10/2015) meeting about new inventory and login problems from having large numbers of items in a single folder. AISv3 removed server side limits on the number of items in a folder. gas z factor Flat inventories are bad. f gas logo No one is certain at what number of items in a folder cause a login problem. The fix is to clear the inventory cache (not the viewer cache) and log into a deserted, empty region then move inventory items into folders and sub-folders. – The problem appears at different a number of items depending on your computer and connection speed. Hopefully being on an empty region will give one enough edge to get logged in and do some corrective work before being dropped.

• Ban line height for "no entry" or "pay to access" (in other words, "allow public access" is turned off, or "allow group access" is turned on, in the parcel options) is the parcel’s ground elevation plus 50 meters (except, if the region has been set to "Block Parcel Fly Over" in which case the access controls extend to at least 4096 meters). electricity word search answers If a user is explicitly banned by name, the height is the parcel’s ground elevation plus 5000 meters. On current viewers this is visible to the full extent.

The import process will continue making new materials beyond 8 x 21,844 (=174,752) triangles, but the extra triangles then get dropped by the limitation to 8 materials, causing holes in the resulting object. Over the 21,844 triangle limit, the vertex count will start to climb steeply, even with smooth shading, because the materials get highly interspersed. So the same vertices have to appear in multiple material lists. So the moral of the story is to stay below 21,844 triangles per material, for now, if you want to avoid some unexpected effects.

Since viewer release 3.8.4, processing of meshes in the Collada file that have faces assigned to more than 8 materials has changed. Instead of simply dropping the extra material faces, the uploader now creates a new object to accommodate them. The result is that the single mesh is divided into multiple objects (prims) in a linkset. gas 2016 Thus the limitation to 8 materials is removed as far as input is concerned, but still applies to each of the resulting linked objects actually uploaded. As a consequence it is now possible to upload a mesh with more than 174,752 triangles, although it will be divided into multiple objects.