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Air Products announced it has formed a new joint venture with Linde North America named East Coast Nitrogen and will build a new 1,100 ton per day world-scale air separation unit and industrial gas liquefier in Glenmont, New York. An approximate capital investment of $60 million will be made in the new facility which will produce liquid nitrogen (LIN), liquid oxygen (LOX) and liquid argon (LAR). The new plant, featuring Air Products’ latest technology, will be constructed and operated by Air Products with commercial status targeted for December 2018. The new facility will be built at the site of an existing Air Products plant already located in Glenmont, with industrial gas products to be distributed by Air Products and Linde independently to the market. The products produced will service the New York and New England regions, supplying various market segments including chemicals, food, electronics, primary materials, fabricated metals, health and medical, utilities and glass. The new plant will also significantly increase the amount of liquid argon available to Air Products.

Linde LLC in North America announced that it will feature a proprietary drop-in oxygenation system designed for easy handling and operation for intensive aquaculture. The new SOLVOX® DropIn system offers a simple solution for seawater species grown in sea cages, which are used throughout South America. The oxygenation system is part of a family of SOLVOX pure oxygen-injection and diffusion systems that promote fish health throughout the growth cycle, and can boost dissolved oxygen levels much more efficiently than aeration systems, which require energy-intensive compressors. The innovative drop-in oxygenation system (patent-pending) is ideal for high-value export species such as salmon, sea bass, sea bream, and arctic char. The SOLVOX DropIn oxygenation system contains a patented oxygen dissolver and distribution system featuring a specially designed venturi nozzle. After the unit is lowered to the desired depth, water is drawn in from below and mixed with oxygen. Oxygenated water is then distributed throughout the sea cage through the nozzles at the top of the unit. The system creates slow-rising microbubbles which extends oxygen residence time. This, combined with the high surface-to-volume ratio of the rising bubbles, increases oxygen dissolution efficiency even at low pressures.

Linde Healthcare has introduced a unique therapeutic oxygen cylinder to the U.S. hea lthcare market that enhances patient safety while providing a higher efficiency and cost effective oxygen delivery system than other systems in the market. The LIV® IQ package is a completely new generation of oxygen cylinder. The Linde LIV IQ cylinder: Eliminates the guesswork in determining how long the cylinder will last. Automatically and instantly calculates the remaining time from the actual gas content of the cylinder and the set flow rate " shown on a large and clear digital display. Is equipped with various visible and audible alerts that give the user an additional guidance in various situations: cylinder is running low; actual flow to the patient does not match the desired set flow; or temperature is too high or too low. The LIV IQ package consists of a valve with an integrated pressure regulator, a flow selector, flow outlet, a pressure outlet and a digital display. The cylinder is made of light aluminum, and the valve has a protective cover with ergonomic design for easy handling. The LIV IQ package is also equipped with various visible and audible alerts which enhance patient safety in mobile oxygen therapy.