Lion l75000 32-inch stainless steel built-in propane gas grill bbq guys k electric bill statement


Lion demonstrates their gourmet grilling expertise with the L75000 propane gas grill. This stainless steel 32-inch BBQ grill has all the features and flare required to get your backyard barbecuing experience started. Five Lion Quick Lite valves ensure a fast, steady flame for grilling startup, and push-to-turn knob design simplifies operation. Commercial grade 304 stainless steel construction promises an unbreakable grill in your backyard. The double layer, seamless welded, stainless steel grill head with polished edges delivers durability to your grilling area. Four cast stainless steel burners push 60,000 BTUs of cooking power, and a 15,000 BTU infrared rotisserie back burner adds fuel to the fire! An XL temperature gauge makes monitoring your meal simple, and the two interior lights illuminate the interior grilling area so you can enjoy grilling late into the evening. Premium solid stainless steel cooking grates resist wear and tear, and provide 647 square inches of grilling space. Experience the benefits of a grilling gourmet package with the included rotisserie, cover, smoker box, griddle and griddle remover with bottle opener. Legal disclaimers and warnings

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I shopped around while planning my outdoor kitchen and was ready to purchase a Bull Brand Grill . After going online and reading many reviews, the customer service "negatives" for the Bull Brand was the tipping point. The Lion was less money and they had a promotion with lots of accessories to sweeten the deal. The delivery was smooth (I ordered the doors, sink and fridge too ) . The week after I finished installing it , I had a customer appreciation party with 50 guests and cranked up the Lion and grilled up some great Rib Eyes with the searing burner. That was April 2016 and since then I have done rotisserie chickens , briskets (with smoker chip holder) and many other meats and veggies. I bought the ceramic flame tamers and I like them, although I have not used the grill without them so I cannot contrast. The back few inches of the grill is hotter but I put thicker cuts or the "well done" meats to the back. After several months, I cleaned the grill and noticed the searing burner had a small tear in the mesh cover. I called and they shipped me a new one at no charge. I cannot compare other grills at this level and price since this is the highest-end grill I have ever owned. But I never thought there was a big difference between the higher-end grills , but I was wrong. I think this grill is a great value and I highly recommend you get the searing burner

If you’re looking for an affordably priced premium grill, then Lion should definitely be considered. Lion grills are solidly built using 304 stainless steel and the hood is double-lined for extra durability. The grill comes with cast stainless burners that radiate heat well and tend to last longer than other burners.

Love the wonderful, smoky flavor of cooking with charcoal? As an upgrade option, you can add a charcoal tray to your Lion, giving you cooking versatility. The tray sits above the burners and the charcoal is lit by the burners, with no lighter fluid needed.

Lion also gives you the option to upgrade the included steel flame tamers to a ceramic rod flame taming system, which I highly recommend. The ceramic rods cover more grilling area and help to evenly distribute the heat across the entire grilling surface.

As a final upgrade option, you can purchase the interchangeable searing burner which can replace any of the standard burners. This gives you the option to customize your grills burner configuration any time you grill by simply swapping out the burners.

To top it off, Lion is currently including a grilling gourmet package when you buy their grill. The package gives you cool extras like a rotisserie kit, grill cover, smoker box, griddle, and griddle plate remover with bottle opener. Who doesn’t love lagniappe (a little something extra)?

One upgrade I highly think you should consider is the grills flame tamers. By upgrading to the ceramic flame tamers, you will see a huge difference in the grills performance with a more evenly heated grill surface and minimal flare ups while cooking.