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An ability which is particularly useful for spying and scouting missions. electricity lesson plans year 6 By being able to transfer between the bodies of different animals, the user can gain the abilities of the said animal (including flying, speed and agility). The downside to this technique is that a server has to be created between the user and the animals brain, as an animal’s mind is not as complex as a humans. gasbuddy diesel Losing contact with this server will allow the animal to be free again, until the user can re-establish the connection.

April is able to change the weather dramatically, creating hurricanes and heavy downpours. This ability synchronizes well with November 11’s ability to solidify liquids, through the process of freezing. She also seems to be able to manipulate the weather, showing the ability to control the direction and strength of wind and even attempting to drown Hei in a bubble made of her rainwater.

Amber’s ability includes temporal freezing and the rewinding of past events, to an unknown degree. electricity and magnetism worksheets Elaborate usage of her power enables her to gain knowledge of future events, and then respond to them accordingly. Once time has been frozen around her, she can also pull other people out of the frozen time stream, while those still under her ability’s effect will no longer detect her presence or movement. gas nozzle prank Her remuneration is aging backwards, making her appear frequently younger. Amagiri has warned her that she cannot use her ability flippantly, saying that she can only pay off her contract to a certain extent.

August 7’s abilities allow him to conduct numerous magical feats, where the effects are real rather than employing simply trickery. This includes the instantaneous production of various weapons, such as swords and shotguns, from the inside his coat. electricity 4th grade worksheet He also demonstrates a form of intangibility; allowing multiple objects to pass through him without harm, even absorbing a large quantity of bullets, before subsequently reflecting them back moments later.

A limited form of manipulation, that allows the user to construct a rudimentary form of armor out of the surrounding materials available, including concrete taken from buildings and the metal from the side of trains. gas bloating pregnancy Despite it’s appearance, the armor is capable of protecting the Contractor from bullets. It can also be manipulated offensively to increase the user’s destructive force, due simply to the considerable bulk/mass that they now wield.

This ability allows the Contractor to jump bodies between humans. wikipedia electricity consumption The downside of this ability is that the Contractor’s original body is empty and unconscious during the techniques use, so if the body is harmed the Contractor must keep living with the body he possessed. He needs to intentionally activate the jump again to return to his own body. Once the Contractor loses his original body, through the said method, he also pays off his contract.

This ability allows Goran to move at extremely high speeds, which are capable of even reacting to shot bullets. The speed is so great that if the Contractor gets hit by any object while he’s using the technique, he’s likely to get severely injured. Even simple rain hitting the body while using this ability is enough to kill him. The speed also appears difficult to control as the user seemingly finds the process of stopping and altering direction challenging, often resulting in crashing into any object within his path.

A useful ability that allows the user to teleport themselves wherever they want. Brita’s version of the technique had the added benefit of being able to teleport anyone she has physical contact with as well. Since Brita’s obeisance was kissing someone, she combined the two together, successfully fulfilling her contract while using her powers at the same time. gas 85 She is only able to teleport organic matter, and does not work with inanimate things such as clothes etc.

A victim of Harvests black flower, this soldier gains the ability to lengthen the cutting length of a bladed weapon, forming, in effect, an invisible sword. Harvest notes that the invisible blade will not harm anything that is not moving or in motion, and will only cut moving objects. This is shown when an agent that was standing still was unharmed by the attack.