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Josh’s best friend Mike breaks up with uptight girlfriend Martha, leading Josh to say cruel jokes about her. When the pair then get engaged, Josh is forced to reluctantly apologise. Owen’s friend Teabag comes to visit, while Kate tries to get Geoff to redecorate her room.

Josh is asked out on a date by an attractive woman, Amy ( Laura Aikman), after an unsuccessful gig. This leaves the three trying to find the catch. They think she is a sex blogger, which makes Josh nervous on their next date. Josh tells her that he knows about her blog, but she tells him that she is not – and tells him to leave.

At a university reunion, Josh bumps into therapist Abby who believes he is infatuated with her. Kate meets an old lecturer of hers, Phillipa, whom she tells that she has a successful photography career. She hires Kate to do a photo shoot of a Portuguese artist. Kate mistakes the cleaner for the artist.

Josh’s new girlfriend, Millie ( Scarlett Alice Johnson), takes him to a Go Ape high-ropes course for a date. However, when Josh gets stuck on a zip wire, she dumps him and he ends up going viral on the Internet after people film him whilst he is stuck there. Landlord Geoff has been doing a night course in psychotherapy and can help Josh through this difficult time. Geoff takes Josh to the roof of the block of flats, where Geoff says that standing on the edge and shouting your problems will help. Josh does so, as Millie comes to collect her things from his flat. She phones the police, thinking that he is going to jump off. Someone films him and puts it on the Internet.

Owen takes his driving test. The examiner, Huw, is initially unfriendly to him. However, Huw quickly warms to Owen when he discovers that they are both fans of Swansea City A.F.C. and from Caernarfon. They know some of the same people, but Huw takes a disliking to him and fails him when he finds out that his sister had sex with Owen and that Owen thinks she is ‘loopy’.

Owen is a relationship with Diana Vickers. He tries to discourage her from taking part in Strictly Come Dancing, because he fears that she will leave him for one of the show’s male professional dancers. When she is not chosen, he is pleased. That causes an argument between them and she ends their relationship.

Kate’s friend Karen becomes a godmother to Karen’s son Oscar. Kate is very soon exploited by Karen and her partner Neil as a free babysitter, saying that they have to frequently visit Neil’s dying grandfather in hospital. Kate hires a teenage girl to babysit Oscar. Karen and Neil see Kate at the theatre whilst Kate is meant to be at their place looking after Oscar and the couple are meant to be at the hospital. They are angry with each other for lying, then decide to stay for the performance.

The three flatmates ban Geoff from the flat for frequently turning up there to do odd jobs. The plumbing goes wrong, so Owen and Josh wash at the gym where Josh struggles to feel comfortable showering in the nude while around other men. Josh joins a spin class, where he does very badly. He becomes more unpopular after he fails to notice his new training buddy Ellie collapsing on her bike. For that, Josh’s membership at the centre is revoked. Owen’s membership is revoked for entering the women’s changing room. The lights stop working, so Josh phones Geoff to come round and fix them.

While working in a café, Owen is doing an impression of an Irishman. Lauren, an attractive young woman from New York walks in and assumes that to be his real voice. He keeps up his fake Irish accent and tells her that he is from Cork. When she introduces him to her friend Siobhan, who is from Cork, he struggles to keep up the pretence and leaves. Lauren buys tickets to Cork for her and him.

Josh carries a package upstairs for an elderly neighbour, Violet. She then makes him very frequently take in deliveries for her and bring them upstairs to her flat. She tells him that if he stops accepting and bringing her packages to her, she will stop him and his flatmates using her Wi-Fi by changing her password. He was unaware until then that they were using her Wi-fi and he had been paying Owen for Wi-fi, because Owen claimed it was his.