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The original series pilot was called Ned’s Classified School Survival Guide and featured Boogie (rather than gas kansas Cookie) played by Stephen Markarian, who was on the later series as Albert Wormenheimer. The pilot aired once on Nickelodeon, as a special, on September 7, 2003. [ citation needed] The character was recast after the pilot, and the role of Cookie went to Daniel Curtis Lee to show racial diversity in the school. A second pilot with the revised cast was filmed, but was never aired. After these episodes were filmed, production was stopped until the following year. The pilot special was considered a success, so Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide was ordered to series in early 2004 [1] for a first season of 13 episodes to air in the 2004–05 television season.

Ned tries to help a new girl adapt to the school, but she claims Ned as her boyfriend; Cookie acts like a British man when he moves to 8th grade gas after eating salad English, but he is afraid of getting exposed when there is an actual British kid in the class; Moze inadvertently starts a school cleaning olympics between Gordy and his new assistant, Jack, for the head custodian spot.

Ned, Moze and Cookie make changes to the school Web site, but problems arise; The Weasel takes control of the live webcam, which broadcasts embarrassing footage of Mr. Sweeney, who threatens to give the students detention for life; Moze is determined to take down a Volleybabes pop-up ad; Seth changes the website’s password, but doesn’t remember what it is, so they cannot shut down the website.

Ned and Moze try to befriend the shy Oboe twins; Ned tells Stacy to face her fears and talk to Missy; Moze finds out that Tracy is dependent on whoever she is with, and will dress like that person; Cookie runs a shyness seminar where the attendants do all the stunts Cookie has done in the past on the show in order to overcome their shyness.

A dog eats Ned’s homework, but Sweeney doesn’t believe him until the dog eats Sweeney’s work, so the two team up to catch the dog; when Moze blows off a date with Seth, she makes up an excuse that her grandmother is in the hospital, but Seth wants to meet Moze’s grandmother; Vanessa tells the same excuse to Cookie, but he does not believe it until he sends Vanessa’s grandmother falling down the stairs.

The class clown moves out of town, causing the teachers to give more quizzes gas yojana and homework which forces the students to search for a new class clown – Ned and Cookie try to be the class clown and even hold auditions to be class clown, but it doesn’t work out; Moze finds a student who is a good prospect to be the new class clown, but he refuses to act funny for anyone else.

On the first day of eighth grade, Ned is mistaken for electricity n and l the new school bully after he accidentally punches Loomer; Moze attempts to make friends with a new teacher, named iTeacher, who is teaching from home via a computer; Cookie helps Gordy get the school WiFi information out of Crubbs. He also becomes attracted to Lisa Zemo, who has gotten a complete makeover and gotten rid of her allergies.

Ned becomes concerned for his safety after the events of the previous episode, so he starts carrying around a pillow, or a cushion protector as he calls it; Moze tries to stop Faymen from leaving; Cookie tells Evelyn Kwong he is leaving for Hawaii, so everyone becomes convinced he is leaving; Suzie moves away, much to Ned’s surprise and disappointment.

Ned studies for three tests on the same day with the help of the school’s geeks and becomes a geek himself in the process; Moze takes a test to see if Ned or Faymen is right for her and Faymen gastroenterologia o que trata gets all perfect scores and Ned as a geek gets all zeroes; Cookie gives Evelyn Kwong a test to prove that they are incompatible and she decides to date Seth instead.

The school goes on a field trip to a museum, including Ned, Moze and Cookie, even after they have been banned from the field trip by Vice-Principal Crubbs for trying to forge a permission slip for Cookie. Ned tries to spend time with Suzie while avoiding Crubbs; Moze tries to see the wild boy, and Loomer tries to spend time with her. Cookie becomes the Steel Eagle to impress Lisa Zemo. Eventually, all three are chased by Crubbs, museum security guards, and samurai actors. Ned then becomes the museum’s titular Wild Boy and must choose between Suzie and Moze. He chooses Moze, they kiss, and become boyfriend and girlfriend, while Suzie decides to date Loomer again. Cookie learns of a plan to steal the museum’s Wild Boy painting, so the trio gain gas variables pogil key the attention of the security guards and catch the thieves. Cookie wins a date with Lisa. Meanwhile, back at the school, Gordy tries to catch the weasel with the help of the other teachers, whose items have been destroyed by the weasel. They eventually demolish the entire school to catch the weasel, only to find out that it has given birth; feeling sympathetic, Gordy and the teachers decide to spare the weasel.