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PHMSA and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) post incident data and results of investigations into accidents involving pipelines that carry a variety of products, including natural gas, oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, carbon dioxide, and other substances. Occasionally pipelines are repurposed to carry different products. [1]

• Also on January 14, a gas pipeline exploded near the Ross Barnett Reservoir in Brandon, Mississippi, creating a sizable crater in the ground and burning 6 acres of vegetation before the fire was extinguished. No injuries were reported. The failure was due to a hard spot from manufacturing, that already d cypha electricity had a repair sleeve on it. There are 788 sleeves on the Index 129 pipeline from Edna, Texas, to Sterlington, Louisiana; and, 726 sleeves on the Index 130 pipeline from Marchand Junction, Louisiana to Kosciusko, Mississippi. Both were built from pipe made in 1952. [6] [7] [8]

• On January 17, oil from a broken pipeline seeped into the Yellowstone River, and contaminated the water supply 10 miles south of Glendive, Montana. The release was from Bridger Pipeline LLC’s 12-inch Poplar line, which can carry 42,000 barrels a day of crude from the electricity in indian states Bakken Formation and runs from Canada south to Baker, Montana. Bridger Pipeline is a subsidiary of True Cos., a privately held Wyoming-based company. The company said in a statement that the pipeline was shut down within an hour of the leak. About 30,000 gallons of crude were spilled, with about 28,000 gallons of crude being lost. [10] [11] [12]

• On January 26, a 20-inch Enterprise Products ATEX pipeline carrying ethane exploded and burned, in Brooke County, West Virginia. Despite snow in the area, five acres of woodlands burned, and 1,283,000 gallons of ethane were consumed, or lost. The fireball melted siding on nearby homes and damaged power lines; it is believed that day’s snowy weather lessened the damage. Reports suspect a girth weld failure from ductile tensile overload, with o gastro the pipeline being less than two years old. Survey showed that the pipeline had slumped three feet since being built. A geotechnical survey conducted by Pennsylvania Soil and Rock determined that the failed pipe was installed across a transition area or “head wall” of an old underground mine and surface strip mine. There were no injuries. [15] [16] [17]

• On January 29, near Bowling Green, Missouri, a rupture in a Rockies Express 42-inch-diameter natural gas pipeline blew a 20 by 20-foot crater and forced a six-hour evacuation of 50 families. The gas dryer vs electric dryer calculator rupture occurred in a vacant field a few yards east of Pike County Road 43. Strong winds dissipated gas until a temporary cap was put in place. [18] This explosion did $2,672,345 in property damage and was caused by a faulty weld; the pipe was manufactured in 2008. [19]

• On April 9, 2 Williams Companies pipelines broke within hours of each other in Marshall County, West Virginia. A 4-inch condensate pipeline broke gas laws worksheet chapter 5 answers at 8 pm local time, spilling about 132 barrels of condensate into a creek. Around 10:50 pm local time, a 12-inch gas pipeline ruptured. There was no fire or injuries. Heavy rains were said to be the cause of the failures. [24] [25]

• On April 13, a Kinder Morgan / Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America pipeline exploded and burned near Borger, Texas. One home was evacuated, but there were no injuries. The explosion, caused by equipment failure due to environmental cracking, caused $455,000 in property damage. [26] A 60-foot section and a 30-foot section of pipe were ejected and landed about 60 feet and 100 feet away from the failure site, respectively. Metallurgical analysis revealed the cause of the leak was stress corrosion cracking. The gasco abu dhabi pipe was manufactured in 1967. [27]

• On May 31, a 24-inch diameter Texas Eastern natural gas pipeline under the flooding Arkansas River ruptured in Little Rock, Arkansas, damaging a tugboat which sustained damage on the port side, the smokestack and main deck. The pipeline exploded with enough force to raise geysers of water in the river and also threw cement chunks onto the tugboat‘s deck. The pipeline is owned by Houston-based Spectra Energy. [31] Analysis concluded that high water flow in the river eroded the cover over the pipeline and scoured away the soil support under the pipeline. Once the pipeline was exposed as a free span, rushing water caused vertical oscillation of the pipe, resulting in metal fatigue, cracking the pipe adjacent to a girth weld. The pipe was manufactured in 1952. [9]

• On June 9, a 24-inch natural gas pipeline ruptured in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. About 130 individuals were evacuated from their homes. No injuries or damage reported. There was no fire. The cause was stress corrosion cracking. [32] [33] The pipe was installed gas and sand in 1963. When it failed, it was owned by Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company. [9]

• On June 13, an Energy Transfer Partners 42-inch gas gathering pipeline exploded and burned near Cuero, Texas. Seven homes were evacuated, but there were no injuries. [34] The heat from the flames melted electric lines, cutting off power to 130 homes. Sixteen people were evacuated from homes near the explosion, which caused $500,000 in damage. Energy Transfer Company reported to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality that as much as 165,732 pounds of volatile organic compounds burned. The Railroad gas vs electric stove safety Commission of Texas, in its Pipeline Safety Evaluation, and Inspection Package number 111385, published November 2, 2015, concluded that material failure, as a result of bending stress overload that caused a weld to fail, led to the rupture, explosion, and fire. The pipeline was constructed and installed in 2012. [35]

• On July 15, two workers were hurt by an explosion, when a bulldozer hit a 4-inch gas pipeline, at an EQT gas compressor station in Worthington, Pennsylvania. One of the workers later on died from the injuries. While the contractor did use the 811 One call system, the pipeline hit was not a participant of 811. Later this incident was a factor in restricting 811 exemptions. [39] [40]

• On August 3, a Kinder Morgan Tennessee Gas Pipeline 16-inch diameter pipe exploded; the blowout created a 70-foot by 30-ft crater gas finder near me 350 feet from a house and did $191,498 in property damage. Investigation found a longitudinal split in the pipe about 55 feet long along an ERW seam, but the failure was from stress corrosion cracking. The pipe was manufactured in 1947. [41] [42] [43]

• On November 13, at Bakersfield, California, a heavy equipment operator doing agricultural work struck a 30-inch-diameter PGE natural gas transmission line, causing a release of gas. The gas ignited and in the resulting explosion one person died and three others electricity trading strategies were sent to the hospital with second- and third-degree burns. A nearby home and barn were damaged by the fire. [9] [54]

• On November 21, 2015, Paiute Pipeline personnel were running an inline inspection tool through the 8-inch-diameter Carson lateral pipeline. The leading eye of the tool struck the inside of a long radius 45-degree elbow, puncturing the pipe and resulting in a rupture. Public and private property damage included six vehicles and a landscape retaining wall as a result of the blowing dirt and rocks. [9]

• On November 24, Transco reported a leak on a “dead-leg” section of piping, located electricity generation by country on a 20 inch header/regen pipe, within a station in Austin, Pennsylvania. There was no fire or injuries. The facility was shut down for 14 days for repairs and the cost of the damage was approximately $224,528. The cause was internal microbial corrosion. [56]

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