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This remix, while named similarly to the version in Brawl, is very different from the Brawl version and is more based off the playable universes. All music is ripped from the original Famicom versions. The medley starts off with the title theme for The Legend of Zelda gastroenterology, going on to the Temple theme from The Adventure of Link. Fever, from Dr. Mario is played, and the theme that plays on Brinstar from Metroid is played. The theme from the title screen of Duck Hunt is played, followed by the the jogging theme from Punch-Out!! The medley finishes with the underworld theme from Kid Icarus, and then loops to the start. Interestingly electricity generation in india, each tune in this medley has a remix in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

This remix returns from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The track is a medley of music pieces from the NES game of the track’s title, Clu Clu Land. The first sub-track this medley remixes is the Level Start Theme, which plays at the beginning of each gas quality by brand level, now performed with bass instruments and a piano, as well as an excerpt of its original 8-bit form. Following this, the Time Running Out Theme plays, which in Clu Clu Land would play if the time t gastrobar limit on a level had severely depleted. Afterwards, the Completion/Results Screen Theme plays, which originally played at the end of each level in Clu Clu Land when the player’s score would be displayed on a results screen. The Bonus Round Theme, the track that played r gas constant whenever protagonist Bubbles attempted to complete a bonus stage is remixed with an electric guitar, before the track finally loops back around to the beginning. This medley also incorporates sound effects that protagonist Bubbles would make in the game gasbuddy login.

A medley of various themes from Balloon Fight. The main medley consists of the opening jingle that plays during the start of a new game, specifically the 1- or 2-Player Game, and the tune that plays when a player pops an enemy’s balloons and the enemy is floating down on its parachute. The ambient beeps that play during the main game can be heard in the background at several parts of the song, most prominently from 0:10 to 0:13. A brief part of the song that plays during the bonus game and the Balloon Trip game mode can be heard at 1:05. The jingles that play when the fish snatches somebody (0:34), after respawning gas vs electric stove cost (0:40), when the player collects a bubble (1:01), after completing a stage (1:10), after a game over (1:13 – 1:29), and when a character falls are also within the medley. The medley ends with a flourished version of the tune that plays after a perfect round of the bonus stage (1:46); afterwards, the song loops back into electricity research centre the beginning.

This track serves as a collection of short music pieces from NES games Stack-Up and Gyromite. These two games are associated by both being controlled by R.O.B., hence why the two games offer music pieces to this overall arrangement. In order of appearance, this medley remixes the Test Theme, a music that plays when Test 850 gas block is selected in the main menu of Gyromite. The arrangement moves onto the Stack-Up Title Screen Theme, a piece that plays on the title screen of Stack-Up. Stack-Up Memory Mode then plays, a music piece that would play during Memory Mode of Stack-Up, before transitioning into Stack-Up Direct Mode, the music that duke electric orlando would play during Direct Mode in Stack-Up. The medley then remixes the last segment of the Gyromite Level Theme, which would play just before the overall music loop of any standard platforming level of Gyromite, and finally Stack-Up Bingo Mode, a track that would play during Bingo Mode of Stack-Up. This is a remix that debuted in Brawl.

This track is a medley of songs the NES game Mach Rider gas in dogs symptoms. The track begins with the Title Screen before transitioning to the Course theme that played during actual gameplay. The next two sub-tracks are the Course Select theme, followed by the jingle that played when a course is selected. The medley electricity deregulation map finishes off with the Game Over jingle before looping back to the Title Screen. This remix debuted in Melee.

A medley of several themes from The Mysterious Murasame Castle, Takamaru’s game of origin. Starts with Game Start and proceeds to the Joukamachi BGM (called Douchuumen j gastroenterol hepatol (Nazo no Murasamejo) in Brawl). It then transitions to the Mysterious Castle, followed by the Bonus Stage and the In the Castle music and finally the Game Over jingle before looping.

This track is in fact a full medley, remixing sub-sections from the NES game Famicom Mukashibanashi Shin Onigashima, known more commonly as Shin Onigashima. All sub-sections in this full arrangement were originally based on Japanese folk songs. The minitracks within this medley are la gasolina daddy yankee mp3 Title Screen, a very short track that originally played on the title screen of Shin Onigashima, and then At Home, a track which played in Shin Onigashima when the player was in the sunken hearth room of the old electricity song couple’s home in Chapter 1. The overall music piece then plays a remix of Neighboring Village, which in Shin Onigashima, played during most Chapter 4, except when Donbe, one of the protagonists, is swimming underwater. The entire arrangement is performed via electric guitar with an up-tempo, rock feel.